My BF insists on using condoms, but I don't like them

My BF and I have been together 2 years but don't want to settle down until we both finish college.
I hate condoms (I HATE the way the feel inside me) and they make me not want to have sex.
I'm on the pill and we both got tested after being together a while. He said we could stop using condoms once we got tested but then he changed his mind, and he said it shouldn't matter.

What should I do? I've heard of female condoms but I don't think that would feel any better.

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  • Update: I told him how I felt and he said no condoms is ok as long as we're exclusive. We did it last night and it felt ten times better and I know he enjoyed it too lol

  • I've known guys to use them to help desensitize a bit helping them last longer.

  • Sounds strange to me. I'm a man, and I really hate condoms. I love the feeling of a womans warm pussy juice on my cock, wearing a condom feels like what fucking a rubber blow-up doll would probably feel like. If he's that worried about pregnancy, take the pill and get an IUD incerted, and you will be very safe.

  • Probably doesn't trust you and doesn't want a kid at this point in his life.

  • My boyfriend was the same way, we both tested clean but he insisted on wearing a condom. So one easy way to break him of that was after sex I made him swallow his load , he thought I was fucking with him but after a week he’s all bareback. Eating his cum was not his thing now everything is great.

  • He is probably still worried about getting you pregnant or you forgetting to take your pill. Tell him not to where a condom but instead to pull out before he finishes.

  • I'll bring this up. I brought it up when we first started dating but he said no way, but he might be into it now. I honestly would rather he finishes inside me anyway, but really i don't care if we can get rid of the condoms.

  • Darling don't trust "pull out" many kids are in the world today because dad thought that worked.
    Let him see you take the pill every morning.
    Condoms are not the greatest feel xxx

  • He obviously doesn't trust

  • If your on the pill he is one messed up dude. Nothing better than bare back sex. I want to feel my lover getting wet as We make love

  • Ugh I hate them. They give no pleasure to sex at all do they? Id keep denying him sex and say to him there's no point as I can't feel it.

  • Stop taking the pill

  • He’s cheating, find a new man.

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