Attracted to elderly women

For quite some time, I've had an attraction to and fondness for older women. A few years ago, I worked as a patient care technician at a local hospital. Many of the patients that I cared for were in the 60-100 year age range. Some were able to get out of bed with assistance to get to the bathroom & shower while others were bed bound & unable to walk because of weakness. My duties included assisting them to the bathroom & shower and bathing those unable to do it themselves.

Me being a 40 yr old black man, many of my patients white women and us being in the south, there was quite a bit of hesitation and apprehension from many of my patients to allow me to assist them with bathing, especially from the 50-70 year olds. The 80-100 year olds didn't mind me helping/bathing them and were quite appreciative.

One patient stands out though. She was a white woman in her mid to late 60's who married at 17 and had been a widow for about 10 years. She had been admitted for some sort of infection and weakness. She sort of latched on to me the first day that I had her as a patient. I gave her the same attention & compassion that I gave to all of my other patients. With her being weak and to minimize the risk of her falling on the 10-15 ft trip to the toilet and getting injured, she had a bedside commode in her room. She was quite fearful of falling while transferring between the bed and commode which were less than a foot apart and relied on me to assist her between the 2.

She had been there for 2 days and hadn't bathed until I checked with her about it on that first day we met. Each of the patient rooms has a shower stall with a seat and shower head that can be removed from the wall and held in your hand. I offered to help her onto the shower stall in the bathroom, but she insisted that she was too afraid of falling. I offered the solution of her sitting on the bedside commode next to the bed to bathe her. She confessed to me that she had never had a male, including her husband, help her with toileting or bathing and was a bit embarrassed about it.

Out of respect for her modesty, I covered her front with a towel as I removed the hospital gown she was wearing and helped her step out of her panties. I filled the sink with hot water and prepared a couple of washcloths with bodywash. I handed a washcloth to her so that she could wash her breasts and pubic region while I washed her arms, legs & back before assisting her to a standing position and supporting her as she washed her bottom. I cried her with a clean towel before sitting her back on the commode to get her dressed. I got a clean pair of panties from an overnight bag that her daughter had brought to her and helped her to put the on before draping a clean gown over her then buttoning and tying it. I helped her to bathe once or twice more with the final time being the day she was discharged and this time, she wanted me to help her put on a pair of slacks, her bra & a blouse. By this time, she had regained most of her strength and didn't really need me to help her.

She bragged to one of her friends & to her daughter about how nice I was to her and how I was the only man to ever help her to the toilet & to bathe. She had a beautiful body with C or D cup breasts. I wish I had given her my number to get in touch with me after she left the hospital.

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