Cheated on my wife with her friend

We were at a condo at the beach, this past Labor Day. We all had a lot to drink and my wife passed out early. I was really horny and needed to bust nuts. Anyway, her two friends are staying in the other room both women and both hot and after spending all day drinking with three women in bathing suits I needed some. After m wife passed out I went to drink on the balcony with the two friends. The semi hot friend went in and never came back out. I was with the hot petite blonde with small tits and a slim waist and tight ass. I had been giving her the eye all day and winking at her and sort of flirting. Now it was very obvious we had some attraction. I told her to come sit next to me and she did and I put my arm around her and she put her hand on my thigh. I smelled her hair and she gave me a smack on the chest. I went in for a kiss and she kissed back then said we shouldn’t do this, I said yes we shouldn’t but kept going. We made out a bit and I was feeling her up and started pulling her top down and she said we need to stop and I said yes we need to stop but I just kept going and sucked her tits and felt her up. I was feeling pretty good right then and honestly felt this had gone on too far by now and would have stopped but she said let’s not do it out here let’s go inside, she took my hand and walked to the sofa and took off her bathing suit and laid down with her legs open. I got on top and kissed her some more and she said let’s do it quickly, I wasn’t ready, not hard, I went down on her to buy time to get hard and fingered her pussy and butthole. I was hard and went in her and just pumped away hard and fast and she said harder, and she said faster, I pulled out and came on her stomach and some flew up to her neck. I wanted to cum on her tits but it didn’t work out like that. She got up and kissed me and said thank you, and went to shower. I went into the other shower and then went to bed. I was so turned on and hard that when I got into bed I tried waking up my wife for sex and she drunkingly agreed, semi consensual, and I did her too.
Next morning not a word was said about it and we act as if nothing ever happened. I am just glad she didn’t say anything and no one came into the living room while we were sexing.

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  • You're such trash. It doesn't sound like her friend had a husband or bf. She's trash too, but you kinda took advantage. Being on the beach, drinking, getting sun, and having her be single led her to lose her scruples. You took advantage of that when you knew better. If you needed to get laid, you should have only gotten it from you wife. Asshole.

  • Pig. And her friend is a whore.

  • I do not regret it one but. I enjoyed it. It was the most exciting sex I have had in years, with a really pretty and sexy woman. My wife didn’t find out and I get to fantasize about the other woman when I have sex with my wife now.

  • I'm alot worse.I'm married and I fucked a female friend after a night out.Then when my wife was pregnant with our first and wasn't in the mood for sex I went to see my female friend who let me use her pussy as much as I pleased.

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