Neighbor wife, great caretaker

I live alone, I am in my 60's and a widower. Last year in the Spring, I managed to cut my lower leg, it was just a scratch so I paid no attention to it. I should have, next thing I knew my leg was double size, red streaks clear up into my groin, I ended up in the hospital, tubes in me. I was there 28 days.
Sent home, they had a home health care nurse come by to check on me, but food and normal day to day stuff was really a problem.
My neighbor volunteered his wife to come over, do meals, clean up, get my meds and help me bathe. I could walk but barely, and once in the tub I could not get out without help, earlier I had gotten myself in there and ended up calling 911 to get me out, which is when my neighbor found out haw bad it was.
His wife is an overweight gal, maybe 50 or so, and very nice. The first couple of times she helped me in the tub I was using a towel to cover myself, finally she told me she had seen men before and not to worry about it so i didn't. She washed me everywhere, no qualms about the genitals at all, even though my arms worked fine. I just let her. Then feeling better, one day I got a hard on going, I apologized, she told me to relax, she would just help me with it and she did. I was shocked when she leaned down and finished me by sucking me off, but I also didn't mind all that much.
Now I am healed up to as good as I will get, she still comes over a couple of times a week. She told me her husband knows and doesn't care, since he is impotent. She is lots of fun, we progressed to full sex a couple of times a week. She sure is a great caretaker!

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    • When I was in college I played D3 football as a receiver. I had gone up to catch a high pass, and a defender tackled me midair. I came down sideways and snapped both my femurs in 3 places. Needless to say I needed a lot of in home health care and rehab. The lady who provided me health care was super nice and nice looking. She was early 30's, but I didn't care. The first time she helped me into the shower I tried to wear shorts. She just laughed and said the samething, she had seen lots of guys naked. She helped me remove my shorts and straight away I got a hard on. I tried to apologize and explain why I wanted to wear shorts, but she acted like it was no big deal. She asked if I needed help fixing my problem. Not knowing what that meant I said yes. She pulled some lubricant out of her bag and squirted some on her hands. She reached down and started jacking me off until I came in a paper towel. Then she removed her gloves and threw everything in the trash before putting on new gloves. She acted as if it was just another medical procedure. She helped me almost everytime I took a shower.

    • I need a neighbor to take care of me

    • I liked the part about your diseased gangrenous groin

    • Her husband is happy that someone is keeping her satisfied!

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