Peeped while my Sister masturbated

We had the outdoor bathroom door worn out at the lower part due excess water falling on the wooden panel. In a standing position any one could see the leg portion from a distance. One day only my younger sister who is two year young than me and myself of 20 years old were alone as others where out. In evening I got up from my sleep and was moving around and heard my young sister bathing and running water sound. As I casually looked through the crack of the door I could see that she was sitting on her heels. I could see her side butts round and water sprinkling around her butts and heels. Just out of curiosity I just kneeled down and peered to see what is going on. To my utter surprise my young 18 year old sister fully nude was sitting close to the bath room wall under the running tap with the water directly falling on to her wide spread pussy which she had kept wide with her two fingers. The other hand was held on to the tap to balance her on her heels. She at times took her hand off her pussy to massage her boobs. Then she started to tremble and I knew she is going to have a climax. She further thrusted her clitoris to the water flow and she retreated numb with the climax. At that moment my sister noticed my palm flat on the floor in her sitting position and I think she saw my chin also. She immediately stood and shouted at me saying I am your sister bathing, go away. Embarrassed I backed out, went to my room and started masturbating. And as I was about cum my sister was at the door with an angry look. She muttered something and as I raised my head I started cumming in loads shooting at my sister who in utter surprise was horrified to such act and stormed out of the room. Felt embarrassed and worried whether she will spell it out to any one. Now I am unable to look straight into her eyes.

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  • You will have to repeat your dick flash and masturbation as if you have not seen her viewing your action and later develop it into a need for her to view and then develop it into know each other and fuck.

  • She was surprised, but, if you'd given her some time afterwards, likely would have said she didn't mind and enjoyed being watched doing it. I watched my hot older sister in and out of the shower tons of times. She knew, and ate up the attention, however, two of the hottest times were watching her douche on the bathroom floor. Flat on her back, knees bent, legs spread wide, long-nailed fingers squeezing the bottle inside of herself while her long, black hair laid behind her and every plunge resulted in a satisfying wince and sigh on her beautiful face.

    First time watching her do it was with a small mirror underneath the bathroom door, but, the next was direct, with me sitting on the countertop alongside of her. Besides the sex we were having to begin with, watching her do that to herself was incredibly hot and, yes, got me off quickly.

  • I think you may of embarrassed her. You should approach her and try and talk about it. Also, definitely apologize. These things are always awkward but better to speak about it and reach an understanding. Give her a compliment and say that she had the most beautiful body you have ever seen. You might just be able to develop some sort of sexual relationship with her, even if its just mutual masturbation. Be smart, not pervy. Trust me it is possible! I had amazing times with my sister.

  • Should fuck her.

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