Traveler -- homeless guest

I travel quite a bit overseas for business.
There are times in my travels in Asia that I walk through parks to get to meetings.

On an occasion or two I would be approached by a poor woman with a toddler child .. Most likely homeless.

Rather than giving her money or food, I'd invite her to the room so that she could eat and also clean the baby and her clothes. I'd also let her bathe.

With her clothes drying in the room, she had nothing to wear other than the towel. With this she would need to spend a couple days in the room. I too would need my daily shower, meaning we would spend a lot of time naked in the room, playing around.

With a toddler, the mother would still be lactating. I love sucking milk from a mother's breasts. We would have a few good days of fun while she had a place to sleep, eat and bathe.

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  • And 9 months later she has another little hungry mouth to feed.
    I hope not.

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