Not a Happy New Year for everyone in our group

I am one in a mixed group of ten married people (five males and five females) who are involved in extramarital activity with one another . we hang out together as a group, for cover, in case our spouses or their friends see us out in public. But within the group, we have fixed partners and don't cross those lines. However, last night, I broke the non-solicitation rule and came on to Thad, who "belongs" to Cyn. Since last night was New Years Eve I knew there would be some kissing at midnight, so I walked out of the restaurant a little before the clock struck twelve, saying I was going outside to smoke a cigarette. I knew Thad would follow, being a gentleman. He did, and as I smoked, the clock hit midnight and he wrapped arms around me and kissed me deep, really feeding me the full tongue and grinding on me with his stiffening dick. As we broke the embrace to rejoin the group inside, I asked what we should tell Cyn and the others. He responded, I say we tell them the truth." I looked at him suspiciously, but curious about what the truth was in his mind, so I just smoked and waited. He smiled at me and finally said, "You tell Cyn that 'Brad and I are engaged as of tonight, and we'll be married as soon as we divorce our spouses'." Yes, 2021 is going to be a VERY Happy New Year, but not for everybody in our little group. LOL. I know i am a mean bitch, but I absolutely LOVE being one and I'm real good at it.

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