Cheating works

As my affair partner and I were making hot sweaty love in a cheap motel one Sunday morning, while our spouses and families were at church, he raised his head from between my thick pink thighs, looked up over my thick black bush into my brown eyes and said, "I don't want your husband getting ANY more of this, do you understand?" I pulled him up from that position and pulled him fully into me, looking into HIS eyes, and said, "Then ask the question, bitch!!" He stiffened further, twitched, and came deep in me, as he asked me to marry him. We both divorced our spouses and left our families that same year, and were married in January of the next year. We'll be celebrating our 23rd anniversary in one week with our two grown children.

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  • Congratz

  • Thanks so much! That's really nice of you!

  • Love always wins

  • Oh, and neither of you have cheated on the other?

  • The main reason we cheated in our first marriages was that our spouses didn't pay enough sexual attention to us. But then once we was together, that was never a problem again. We make a much much better balance of sex and so we don't need no extra action. He's not hung as good as my first husband, but god damn he sure know how to use it! mother AND fucker! Man can make me shit when he hit it!

  • What a worthless skank

  • Its true that I was pretty slutty before I got married to my first husband and had my first child soon after. But i havent been really bad that way in a loooooooooong time. I will admit that I still miss that life sometimes, though. It was exciting. A lot of women didn't didn't like club life, but I loved it, and adored all the attention. Thankfully, my current hubby didn't know me then or he probably wouldnt of married me!

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