Helping out the hired help...

My husband and I retired from teaching in the big city and moved to a farm in Virginia. We are both in our 50s and the place keeps us busy and in good physical shape.

This June we had a big storm roll thru the countryside and the wind blew down a corner of our pole barn. Luckily we didn't loose the tractor or the boat but there was a lot of damage. The grandkids weren't out of school yet and it was more than the two of us could handle as there was lots of heavy lifting and ladder work.

Now I was 51 and had been an aerobic instructor when I was working and I still did my yoga every morning. I was 5'3", 120 " and fit, but more help was needed.

Papa went down the road to another farm of a friend and hired his son Roger for a few days work. Roger was 30-something and was a big strong country boy, but just a little slow. He had worked around the place before and we liked him a lot.

About the third day, I walked down to see if the guys were ready for lunch. It was very hot and the sun was straight up. Roger was standing there with no shirt and He was dumping water over his head from a bucket. I smiled and just gave him a once over as the water ran down over his muscular chest and abs. Papa told me that he and Roger were gonna knock off and take a swim in the creek and asked me to bring lunch down to them.

I fixed a lunch of sandwiches, grabbed some homemade cookies and a big jug of iced tea and packed everything up, grabbed a towel and walked down the path to the creek. When I got there the guys were swimming around and I spread lunch out on the deck.

The water was just up to their waist and I could see that Papa was naked, not a big deal, we swam naked more than we wore swimsuits. I sat down and dangled my feet in the water and Roger walked up closer " Don't tell me that a country boy like you doesn't go skinny-dipping" I asked laughingly. He grinned real big and told me he was just about to strip down when he saw me coming down the path !

" Well hell boy, don't let that stop you" Papa called out to him. " She's probably gonna strip down too". Roger looked at me and in a slow country drawl said " You gotta go first," grinning from ear to ear. I pulled my T shirt over my head and let my breasts fall free. I had gone from a 36C to a 36D as mother nature had caught up with me. Roger took a good look and walked up to the deck and slipped off his shorts in thigh deep water. Roger was all man and had a big cock, maybe 7 inches. I slipped out of my panties and into the water. We swam around for a while and the guys climbed out onto the deck and had lunch

. After a while I swam up and just stood in the water and watched them sitting there naked in the sun. I climbed out and sat beside Roger. I ran my hand down his chest and down to his thigh. "How come a guy like you never got married" I asked, as I looked at Papa and winked.. He told me in school he never had much luck with girls and most of them made fun of him.

I told him I thought he was a really nice good looking boy as I rubbed his thigh his cock started to grow. Papa stood up and started to get dressed telling Roger to come on up later. Roger looked puzzled, even more so when I gently pushed him down on his back. As I started to stroke his cock it stood straight up. I climbed up on top of him and pressed my breasts against his face and he sucked my nipples til they were rock hard.. Then I reached back and slid his huge cock into my pussy and began to rock back and forth cowgirl style.

Now Papa had a big cock but not like Roger, he was big and thick and I was grinding it in deep. i slid my wet finger down to my clit and slowly started tickling it. I don't know who came first, but we exploded almost together. We got back in the water to cool off and Roger's cock was still half erect as I held it in my hand.

After we got dressed and walked back up the path to the house, Papa told Roger to take the rest of the day off and come back tomorrow. He told him it was just too hot to work now. Roger agreed and said " See yaw in the morning" as he climbed in his truck and headed off.

Papa told me he had been up the path a little watching the two of us and he slipped my hand down and I could feel his cock growing hard...

11 months ago


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    • Thanks, great story !

    • Need a farm hand email me

    • When I was a 13, we all used to go skinny-dipping. Me and a buddy watched a couple with a canoe fucking in the woods by the river.

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