Perfect storm

I cheated on my husband last week. It totally was unplanned. I was at a conference near the beach with a coworker and we stayed overnight. Anyway, after the conference we went back to the hotel, which overlooked the beach. It was a very romantic spot with a beautiful view. My coworker (Nick 32m) and I (37f) had some drinks at the bar, and we were a little tipsy, but not smashed or anything. Before going to bed in our separate rooms, we decided to walk on the beach, since it had been years since any of us had done that.

The weather was perfect, the sunset was amazing, and we were having a great time chatting. We talked about how nice it would have been to have had our spouses there, since the scene was so romantic. Nick said maybe we should give each other kisses with our eyes closed and pretend that we were kissing our spouses. I laughed and said, "Sure," closed my eyes, and puckered up. Nick kissed me quickly once, but then kissed me again, with a little tongue. I kissed him back, but said, “You need to save that one for your wife, but you do that really well.” We kissed one more time, this one lasted a while. There was something about how he kissed and smelled that was so electric. I briefly ran a hand across his crotch and I could tell that he was erect.

He then whispered, “Wanna?” and I knew what he meant. We looked around, and the beach was empty, so I dropped my skirt and panties and we fucked on the beach doggy style, since I didn't want sand to get on my ass or in my vag. The whole vibe was amazing, and he creamed me good, he was so hot. I regret it, but it seemed so right at the time.

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  • Coke kirks buggies got his soggy nappy in a knot cuz my father told him he and most men needed a good kick up the ass in the 1970s. I think the same. men deserve a kick up the ass to act like men and not little children.

  • I don't see that you did anything really wrong here. Just keep it a secret, and don't fuck him again.

  • Now you've done it. It's only fair now that you each tell your spouses what you did, and allow them to fuck each other, that's the only way to restore the balance, honor, and equality back into your marriages. Otherwise the guilt will slowly overwhelm you and destroy you and your marriage forever. Unless, of course, you're just a fucking whore, in which case it will not bother you at all.

  • If you think the majority of people are faithful, you have no clue as to the hidden reality.

  • Cheating is overrated and so are the numbers you hear about. Who wants to deal with all the drama and bs along with the expenditures of time or money involved? I can see the odd one off due to isolated circumstances like this seemed to be but as an ongoing thing I doubt it. Sure there are plenty of skanks, sluts, bastards and pricks out there that serial cheat like crazy but karma catches up to them. The one time thing is just that and most people would take it to their grave.

  • I have no doubt that a large number of people cheat on their spouses, but If you base your own morality on what other people do, you are a sorry excuse for a person. Personally, I would probably shoot myself in the head before I cheated on my old lady, just because I have that much respect for myself, and her.

  • This is hot.Im also a married woman in my mid thirties.I recently went back to work after having two kids.My hubby is great,he puts in all the work looking after our kids so I could go back to work but we rarely have sex because we're always both tired or its too late.But last month I was away for work.The company put us up in a nice hotel.In the evening one of the guys I had spoken to in a meeting earlier wanted to go over some stuff.I met him in the hotel bar and we chatted.He bought all the drinks and I got fairly tipsy.He walked me to my room and I invited him in.Once the door was shut he began kissing me.I walked back against the door and he carried on kissing,leaning into me,I felt his big bulge.I ran my hands through his hair and he squeezed my bum before sliding my skirt up.I was horny so I undid it and let it fall to the floor.He slowly relieved me of my knickers,all the way down to my ankles,I stepped out of them.He placed small kisses up my thighs,going to my inner thighs the higher he went till his face was mere millimeters from my neatly shave landing strip.He abruptly stood up and held me by my wrists,pulled me towards the bed and in a swift motion swung me around so I landed on the bed on my back.I giggled loudly.I watched him take his clothes except his boxers,he had a great body,he was early thirties,but he could easily pass for a twenty something as he looked like he worked out.Anyway my eyes made their way down to his bulge,it was sideways in his boxers.He crawled up the bed to me and kissed me then undid my blouse,released my boobs and began to suck and rub them.He went back down kissing as he went.My legs were spread wide open and he kissed and licked around my pussy..... Wow anyway this is getting me horny so I'll continue another time.

  • Sounds hot keep it up.

  • Once the seal is off the box... you may as well fuck him again.

    It sounds hot, I would have let him bone me, too.

    Although I am a bit of a cheating whore.

  • Me too.My husband is a truck driver and away for a few days at a time.I met our neighbour a few doors down.He has an unbelievable sexual appetite.The guy can fuck like a beast.I've never moaned so much in my life.

  • Share your stories pls

  • Keep doing it. I’m currently pregnant by my adulterous lover.

  • Would love to hear about that

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