We have a black friend that creampies my wife and i cleanup. He also loves to cum down my throat.

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  • My wife is constantly cucking me with her black friend. She ended up fucking him while I was recuperating from back surgery. He would drop her home from work at night and they would fuck in our bed. She confessed to me but seeing I was in no state to pleasure her sexually I actually told her to carry on. Now they fucked more than ever. Sometimes when I get home I have to wait in the car for them to finish. I'm not normally interested in her after he's done with her and gone. But recently I've entered the room to see her naked and still catching her breath. Her face flushed,her pussy red and well fucked and his cum starting to seep out. I lay next to her and we chat. Sometimes we make out and I rub her creamy cunt. Now I get so hard I just have to put my cock in her cum filled pussy and fuck her. The other day when I got back and we started kissing she rolled me over and wiped her sloppy pussy all up my chest then squatted over my face. I looked up as thick gloops of cum began to fall to my face. Some landed on my mouth and I tasted it. I thought it didn't taste so bad and was surprised at myself but instantly aroused. So I open mouth sucked on her leaky hole and twirled my tongue around inside cleaning her nicely. She smiled wide eyed at me and turned around in 69 to suck my rock hard cock off. I licked her out till she orgasmed and she turned round and rode me till I squirted my little load into her. She got up and I saw more semen running down her legs. I rubbed it with my hand and licked it and she giggled and went for a shower.

  • The giggle of a woman at a man who has another man's cum in his mouth is a giggle I cannot forget.

  • I know what you mean but on which end are you? My wife takes great pleasure in it. Our pleasure is pleasing to each other.

  • It's a long story, but the giggle was directed my way.

  • Ooh do tell,even the quick version.

  • After bar party. I was drunk of course. Chick comes out of buddy's room and wants me to share cab since she heard I have one called for me. We wait outside in driveway for maybe 5 mins before cab. Ride to her place was less than 5 mins. She basically dragged me by the hand out of the cab at her house. We were all over each other as soon as the door closed behind us like in the movies. I stopped and asked her if she had fucked the guy whose room she was coming out of at the party. She assured me that he was boring and they didn't do anything. Clothes flew off, on her bed, kissing my way down, man she felt so wet it was exciting. First lick I knew that she was a slut and had lied to me. I stopped and said I thought you didn't fuck him. She just giggled, and as she spread her legs a little wider for me to see her freshly used pussy, grabbed the back of my head for me to continue licking her. I swear when she orgasmed it felt like my mouth was being filled with cum, it was actually amazing. We had sex and then I ended up going down on her again at her request. So humiliating

  • But oh so hot right. I like finding her dirty knickers and wrapping them round my cock for a quick wank or sometimes I just chew them lol

  • I will admit, it was really hot. Knowing she was such a slut that she wanted me to lick another guy's cum leaking from her was the hottest experience I had ever had to that point.

  • You and your wife are pathetic trailer park trash. What the fuck is wrong with men wanting to be cuckolded and watch their wives getting nigga cocks in them. You are what's wrong with our country and taking us down the sewer. I hope you and your wife get a nice STD or better yet AIDS which you will especially if you are eating and licking up black cum.

  • No not a chance,most sensible people are clean nowadays and look after their health.

  • I'm being cucked by my wife. She started going back to the gym 3 years ago. Soon after she began fucking her black personal trainer. It didn't take me long to realise she was getting a huge cock elsewhere. Her pussy is in a messed up state after she's been with him. She's full of cum and gaping wide open. I also find her cum filled knickers. When I accused her she denied but I followed her to gym then an hour later saw her leave with him in his car. She asked what I wanted to do then. At this point I was loving the thought of them fucking and couldn't get mad so I told her to carry on enjoying his big cock and just let me enjoy her on her return.

  • I was unkowingly cucked one time by a chick I just met

  • This has been stolen from my fantasies.

  • Another worthless cuck speaking. Why don't you go get AIDS and die.

  • Hey I am a cuck also. My wife doesn't fuck niggas though only well hung white dudes.

  • How do you know she is not fucking well-hung black guys when you are not around?

  • Well aren't you a goods little cuck. Hows about me comes over and shoot a nice bigs huge load of my baby juice down boths your throats. I love slidings my huge BBC into white pussy whiles their no dicks hubby watch us. Oh yeahs ! I love when boths the mans and woman's clean ups my cocks. Wants to hooks ups. He!He!

  • Interesting, but, I thought chimps could type better than that.

  • Nope nor niggas either. Ew! EW!

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