Panty Lover

My wife has gone completely off sex due to the menopause although she usually wanks me off every couple of weeks or so as she feels guilty. I’m fine with this and trying to understand what she’s going through, I don’t put any pressure on her at all bout it, although I long so much to be touching her and going down on her, even just a glimpse of her body would turn me on. The best I hope for is being able to spoon her whilst sleeping, it gets me so hard and wet pressed up against her lovely arse and panties, I usually get cheeky and place a hand on her huge tit but she usually removes that if she wakes slightly. She even lets me play with myself in front of her when she’s not wanting to know which I do love but I know it doesn’t turn her on so it isn’t quite the same, I have a high sex drive and love masturbating when possible, she knows this and does let me have her black stockings to tease myself with and cum in. She even lets me keep a pair of her panties in a drawer to wank in to. However lately I’ve been going further with her panties especially her black lace ones. This week during the Xmas hols she has been at work so I get to lie in later. I’ve have been going through the dirty laundry and removing her dirty panties and take them back to bed to smell them and fantasise with and I have started putting them on whilst looking at porn until I’m hard and they are soaked. I’ll pull my foreskin back under them and edge myself slowly to orgasm. Once I’ve cum in them I put them back for her to see that they’re covered in my semen and soaking wet. They glisten with cum that’s why I love cumming on black lingerie.
So far she hasn’t mentioned it but I know she knows and is keeping my secret whilst she is off sex.


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  • My menopausal woman wanks me using her used panties and suck me off when I am horny but I do try to rekindle her sexual urges. Most nights we sleep naked feeling warmth of each others body and lots of fondling boobs and cocks go on. Sometime I take to suck on her pussy lips long enough and eat her pussy deep to give her orgasms till she squirts pees - I drink it all.

  • I became a shemale because of my love for panties and wearing them and masturbating and cumming in them and because I am petite and have a girly body I felt more girl like than man..I'm not ashamed of who I have identified who I have become. I have many shemale and lesbian friends who say the only difference from you and a girl is you have a cock and now your pussy is your anus hole and you have learned how to do what we shemales do to enjoy being who we have become...little sissy slutty nasty dirty naughty shemale whores who love to be fucked and sucked licked and to watch porn for hours and to get off with each other and all of this started from my of panties!!!

  • My wife knows I have a thing for sniffing her dirty panties put she dont know I lick them also. I love smelling them after she stuff them between her legs after I nut in her and she throws in dirty clothes

  • Wish my wife would ok me to have nsa fun! We do the fantasy thing but not the real thing, She likes when we talk about other women and we watch porn to help with the fantasys we have, and dirty panties are something she is into but its to much for her and she cums to fast when another womans dirty nickers are held to her face as we masturbate together

  • Sounds awesome masturbating together with another woman’s panties. Whose were they?

  • Like!!, the last post fingers on my pussy and enjoying it lots , nsa girl like u would make my day! Send the pics girl! My man likes sex with dirty panties from other woman as he fucks me im not happy with it but i love him..

  • You sound ok with it tbf.

  • Im having the same problem with my man atm...I now leave my under wear out when his mates, are around drinking beer, i now watch guys look for my panties in the spots i leave them! What they do is such a turn on, i have red hair std body, pussy is hairy but about to be shaven, so i can send pics to them as they wank,sniff, and make like there fucking me? Shound i seed pics? I dont want them to stop doing what they do.

  • Sounds like you have it sorted. Wish I could have your panties to cum in.

  • Better go get a good fuck buddy that will suck your cock, once the pass menopause their hooch dries up and all they want to do is shop or play bingo. Your sex life wuth her is over

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