Calling all sexual spirits.

I have a tiny non functioning micro penis and have always satisfied my wife via oral and fingers. A few years ago I introduced realistic Vixen Creation dildos into our lovemaking sessions and my wife had wonderful deep multiple orgasms for the first time that almost made her pass out. I started buying realistic porn star dildos to add more realism and we went from a smaller Jeremy Bilding to our current Kevin Dean dildo. My wife has become a size queen and she is addicted to how good the sex is for her . I also am addicted to how her pussy is so loose, and watching big cocks stretch her is so hot!!! She loves it when I roleplay other men fucking her with huge cocks. I love seeing the bulge on her belly when I fuck her. She loves it when I talk dirty to her about me wanting to watch other men fuck her . In her throes of orgasming I have her say things like " I love his big cock in me", and tell her how much I want a real man in her, and she orgasms even harder. she loves her dildos and feeling copies of other men copulate her . She knows I want her plowed by a real cock but is reluctant to follow through and do this. I would love for a sexual spirit to coax her to feel comfortable with doing this, or at least giving it a try. Anyone out there that could send us a sexual spirit to cause my wife to lust for another man in our marriage bed? Any witchcraft practitioners out there that could fan my wifes desires to fuck other men in front of me and be filled with man seed? Iv'e tried sex spells from online witchcraft practioners, Incubus spells etc. to no avail. Can anyone help?

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