No Jack don't make me do this please it's not proper or Lady like to do this .. you said no excuses so do it (he said).. i swung my leg over the arm of the couch held my summer dress over my crotch to cover it.. noo dam it he says that's not how to do it .. so i held my left hand over my face and reached down and started to rub my pussy in front of him ... that's it lift your dress up let's see that gorgeous pussy he says ... nice and shaved the way i like it .. i continued to rub my pussy he tells me to put a finger in it and use my juices to lube my clit but i was so excited i used 2 and plunged them as deep as could insert them and the juices started to flow i kept rubbing this time my left hand held my dress to my chest as i laid back and darted my 2 fingers in and out of my well soaked pussy .. ohh yes he says make that pussy feel good make good and juicy i am jack i'm all wet i tell him my body is moving as i finger fuck myself before long he walks up to my side and my mouth found his ridge throbbing cock it is thick and warm he grabs my head and fucks my mouth as my pussy cries out for relief .. yes bitch suck my cock good just when a get myself off i unwillingly suck his cock hard and deep causing it to explode a massive amount of cum causing me to gag ... i try to rid of the amount ( i had never swallowed it) but he grabs my face forcefully and tells me to swallow... i did it was salty and gooey but the entire load went down in a cpl of gulps ..i cleared my throat and tried to leave but he wouldn't let me... told me to go and clean up witch i did ...he was in the kitchen making coffee and asked to sit and join him.. i felt extremely embarrassed for what had happened so i didn't say a word and sat in the kitchen.. a few minutes went by when i say that was different i don't think my husband would have me do that at all.. he very confidently tells me that i needed to experience a few things in life that makes the pussy feels good and that i was neglecting my beautiful pussy and depriving it of good stuff.. but Jack i'm married i shouldn't be doing this at all ... does your husband let you enjoy the sexual pleasures of life he says.. what do you mean i say.. you probably lay on your back and your husband jumps between your legs and slam bam thank you mam and he's all done right? well kind of that's how it works i tell him.... not here.. you come here and the pussy gets pleased and appreciated .. i laugh because i actually had a wonderful orgasm while having sex ... he tells me to be proud of my pussy because it is gorgeous ( my husband never told me that)... he tells me i shouldn't wear thongs or anything because my pussy is awesome he makes me lift my dress up and flash him again witch i gladly do with extreme confidence he tells me to spread my lips and before long he puts his mouth on my pussy and starts to lick and suck my lips causing a tremendous turn on for me ( my husband doesn't eat pussy) i grab his head and jam it in my pussy almost suffocating him and grind it all over his mouth and nose.. just when i was about to get off he stops puts his huge cock in me and slides it all in i felt like i was being split open but the actions of him sliding in and out and the position i was in my clit got a good friction from his hard cock getting me to get off again this time with a cock inside my pussy i held him him deeply as he unloaded deep inside .. he could hardly hold himself up this time as he squeezed off the last remaining cum he had left in his balls ... hen he pulled out of me a gush of cum flows out of my pussy onto the kitchen tile i had never had that much cum in my pussy... i quickly get up and grab for paper towels to clean up... he sits back in the chair his huge cock had deflated ... wow jack twice in less then 3 hours i tell him laughingly... he tells me almost out of breath that his record is 5 times in 12hrs... i tell him no i meant me i had 2 orgasms in less then 3 hours i usually go cpl of weeks before i do it myself .. well next time you need to do yourself stop by and i'll join you he tells me ... i gather my things and go to my car this time my brakes are brand new and i could pass inspection husband works in a bank so he only knows paper work and keeps his hands clean always ... i've found that having a willing brother in law is very satisfying sexually i've done things that my husband would not enjoy knowing about it ...i'm surprised he hasn't asked me why my pussy feels so loose or how can i take his cock from my pussy and put it in my ass without crying in pain.... or even how can i ask him i want to suck his cock and swallow it and enjoy every last drop... ( i never did that in 6 years and counting that we've been married)

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