Mom's Have Urges Too - 2

The cabin was but one room, with an old bed, wood stove, and a small table and several chairs representing the kitchen. "Look how small it is ... and a wood stove, my God. There is only one bed too. And where is the bathroom?" Linda asked.

Andy went over and opened a small door. "Over here, I think."

Linda walked over and stopped in her tracks with a look of shock on her face. In the tiny room was an old toilet with a broken seat. Linda saw an old sink in the corner and turned on the faucet. A trickle of water came out but nothing more. "Andy, I'm not sure about this," she said.

"Me either," he returned. "I thought it was a more modern cabin then this. We should probably go back."

"I'm afraid so."

"Well, it will be dark in an hour or two, and we are too far from civilization to leave tonight. We can stay tonight and head home tomorrow," Andy said with clear disappointment.

"That might be a good idea. I'm sorry, sweetheart, I know you were looking forward to this."

"It's okay, Mom, I guess Tom is more of an outdoor guy then I thought."

"Not your fault," Linda said. Then trying to cheer Andy up she said, "We have plenty of food in the car and I am sure we can get the stove working. So we can act like we are on an overnight camping trip."

"Okay," Andy said with a smile. "Let's unpack and then explore the area."

They unloaded a minimum of clothes and food and stored it in the cabin. Then the two of them set off to explore the surrounding area. They hiked for an hour or so, circling around the cabin, but not going too far in fear of getting lost. When the sun started to slip behind the mountain they headed back.

"I'll gather up some wood for the stove," Andy said.

"Okay, I can at least whip up some soup and salad," Linda said.

A few minutes later Andy came back with wood for the stove. "I found a generator out back. It looks like there is some fuel so I will see if I can get it started. Maybe it will be enough power for some lights, and to run that thing that looks like a refrigerator. And maybe even enough power to run the well pump."

"Great. I will start dinner."

Andy was successful in getting the generator started, and checked that it ran the few lights in the cabin and the well pump, but he was concerned that they did not have a lot of fuel to keep things running. So after he got it started he shut it off.

When he went back into the house Linda said, "The lights came on for a minute but then they went off again."

"I got the generator started, but there is not a lot of fuel so figured I would not run it until we need electricity."

"Okay. We don't need it for dinner. I can light the oil lamps for now. Dinner by lamp light will be nice."

Andy smiled and hugged his mother. Linda hugged him back, but pulled away when she felt an un-motherly like chill run down her spine. She put that out of her mind and hurried over to the stove. A few minutes later dinner was ready. They had canned soup and a salad with Italian bread.

After dinner, Andy cleaned up and Linda made the bed with a set of sheets they had brought with them. When Andy saw her making the bed, he said, "Mom, I can sleep in the rocker for tonight."

"Nonsense, you would never be able to sleep in that. We can share a bed for one night."

"Okay, if you're sure." Andy did his best to hide a smile.

"Yes, I am sure. But I need to wash up."

"I saw a well pump out back. I tried it and got water out. I'll bring some in.

"Maybe I can heat enough hot water for that thing that looks like a wash tub," she said, pointing to a large metal tub sitting in the corner.

"I'll get the generator going for the lights and the refrigerator."

Linda got enough water heated to fill half the tub. But since there was no privacy she asked Andy to go outside while she took a quick wash. He said sure and went outside. Then Linda realized that she needed to use the toilet. She looked at the old toilet and wondered if it worked. There was water in the tank, but none in the bowl. Yet her only other alternative was to go outside and she wasn't about to do that. It was already dark and she could see lightning and hear thunder. So she squatted over the toilet and did her business. She was able to flush the toilet, thankfully.

She called Andy back inside after she bathed. He was stoking the fire in the stove when a huge crack of lightning seemed to hit right outside the house. The blast lit up the room like daylight and a tremendous bang rocked the house. The lights went out. Linda practically jumped into Andy's arms. "What was that?" she screamed.

"It must have been a lightening strike. I see smoke outside. Let me check," Andy said and ran outside. A few minutes later he came back inside, and he was soaked. "Lightening hit the generator and fried it. We don't have any electricity. Fortunately the rain put out the fire the lightning strike started."

"Oh God," Linda whispered.

"It will be okay, Mom," Andy said, hugging his mother again. Then he lit the oil lamps so they at least had a little light. "I'm sorry I can't take a bath," Andy added sheepishly.

"I suppose we will survive that," she said with a slight smile. Linda's face turned red again. She wasn't against going natural, meaning no bath, no deodorant, but she preferred to do it when Andy wasn't around.

"Let's go to bed and we will head out in the morning," Andy said.

Linda nodded and said, "Turn your back, so I can change into my night clothes."

"Okay," Andy said, turning away. He waited until his mother said he could turn around again. He saw that she was wearing a camisole and panties. The top was relatively thin and he could see her large breasts in the lamp light silhouetted under the gauzy material.

Linda was embarrassed again. She had thought they would have separate rooms and had not thought to bring night gowns and such. She hurried over and got under the covers. Andy stripped down to his underwear and came over and slid under the covers, a respectable distance from her. He turned out the oil lamp and lay quietly in bed, so close to his mother he could almost feel her heat, yet not touching. The room was quiet enough that they could hear the pouring rain on the roof and the room glowed with each bolt of lightning. Under the right circumstances it would have been quite romantic.

When a strong crack of lightning hit near the house again Linda jumped and turned over to her son with a frightened look on her face. "It's okay, I think it hit on top of the mountain," he said. Then he stretched his arm out and was pleased when his mother snuggled into it. He could feel that she was trembling and squeezed her tighter. In spite of trying to act like a normal son, the closeness of his mother, and her sweet smell gave him an erection. The fact that one large breast was pressed to his chest didn't help either. He gently rubbed her shoulder until he heard her gentle snoring. A contented smile came to his face.

The storm lasted most of the night. The rain continued unabated and pounded the roof loudly. At one point Andy had to get up and put the metal tub under a leak in the roof. The drip, drip of the water and the torrential rain on the roof kept him awake most of the night. He finally fell into an exhausted sleep just before dawn.


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  • I think they should stay at the cabin for longer.

  • Does this website include fiction as well?

  • Yes, it's ok to write fantasies

  • You dumb fuck they did not ask if ok write. Only if there is fiction here. It's all fiction shit head.

  • Incest is all fiction. Fake crap.

  • Get to the fucking already!

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  • Look for the asian

  • It’s too long, and third person? Just too much

  • It will get better next chapter.

  • I think they should stay at the cabin longer

  • Total crap... i'm not a grammar nazi but do know what possessive is.

  • He was trying to set me up thinking I would bomb his story with anti-incest posts. That won't work.

  • Don't quit your day job.

  • I think they should stay at the cabin longer.

  • Why? Do you think it will catch fire and burn them alive?

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