Mom's Have Urges Too - 11

Linda was as surprised as Andy that the words had come from her mouth. But somehow the words didn't seem dirty anymore. Yes, I love my son FUCKING me, she thought. She wondered if she would have loved it as much if were not her son. She guessed not. Andy stood up and grasped his throbbing cock.

"You want my cock? You want your son to fuck you?" "Yes, please."

Andy stepped forward and brought his cock to her more than ready pussy. He lifted her legs to his shoulders and placed the head of his cock at her pussy opening. He pushed in until the head had disappeared. He paused, enjoying the incredible feeling of his cock head soaking in his mother's pussy.

"Andy, don't tease me," Linda said.

"Wow, that is a change," he said. "I thought it was me that wanted to get my cock inside you quickly." "Please," she begged, bumping her hips upward. Andy sighed as if it was a big inconvenience to push his cock inside his mother. "All right," he said and thrust his hips forward hard. "Oh Andy, oh honey!!! Linda screamed as she felt her son's long cock slip through her opening until it was entirely buried in her pussy.

"Oh yes, yes, fuck me."

Andy fucked his mother for a long, long time. He pumped his hips back and forth in a steady rhythm. He was going to make this last. He wanted his mother to enjoy it and remember it, just in case she began to think she could live without his cock. She climaxed three times before he finally warned that he was about to cum.

"Yes, yes, fill me with your sweet cum," Linda said. She watched her son's face as it contorted in pleasure. She had never really watched him before. If she didn't know better she would have thought he was in great pain. Of course she knew better because no pain could cause the throbbing of his hot cock inside her. Then she felt him begin to blast his juices into her welcoming pussy. When he was done he staggered backward, finally satisfied for now. However, they both knew that wouldn't last very long.

The torrential rain on the roof awoke Linda from her sex induced nap. She got up and padded over to the window naked. It was the first time she had slept naked in a long time ... or maybe she had never slept naked since she was a small child. It had felt so liberating. The fact that she was in bed with her son, who was also naked, made it seem so wicked and quite exciting. She looked out at the overcast skies and the pouring rain and wondered what they were going to do today since it didn't appear that the rain was going to stop. Then she smiled and thought of Andy, knowing what he would want to do. She sighed as the now familiar tingle went though her pussy. As quietly as possible she slipped back into bed, crawling under the covers. She gently moved between his legs, kneeling with the covers over her head. Under the blanket it was dark, but there was enough light to see her son's sexual parts. There was a warm and sensual smell ... it smelled like her and Andy. She supposed the entire cabin now smelled like that, which was not at all unpleasant. It was so primal and earthy and made her pussy leak, adding to the aroma.

"Mmmm," Andy moaned when he realized that his mother was between his legs. He could feel her soft fingers tickling his thighs and her hot breath followed. He spread and bent his legs to give her room. He now felt her tongue following her fingers, moving slowly toward his rapidly growing erection. Then her tongue was on his balls, gently licking them. Another moan escaped him when he felt her take one into her mouth. "Mom," he gasped as she gently sucked it, rolling it around in her warm and wet mouth. He had never had that done before. Then she moved to the other. A moment later she let that one slip from her lips and began to lick upward across his now throbbing cock. She circled the head, teasing the sensitive area under the crown before running her tongue down the shaft to his balls again.

Linda almost giggled when she heard Andy's moan of frustration. She knew she was teasing him but she also knew that he loved it. It was amazing how much she had learned about the male libido and pleasure points in just the past few days. She knew he loved her to lick around the head, and now she knew that he loved his balls sucked. She pushed his legs up to his chest, and nuzzled her head down lower until she felt his balls on her forehead. She heard him moan again as she began to lick the area just below his balls. She moved her tongue up and down from his balls to his asshole. Did she dare she wondered? She moved her tongue down ... down ... down.

"Oh God, Mom," Andy gasped.

Linda circled the little nether hole, feeling it react to her gentle probing with a pulse. With a deep breath she pushed her tongue through the puckered opening. At the same time she found Andy's cock and grasped it. It was throbbing and juice was leaking from the head and ran across her fingers.

Linda was suddenly lost in her own world. Under the blanket she felt like she had closed the world out ... like she had shut out all the things she had learned that women didn't do. No one knew they were there, no one could hear her, no one could see her, it was only her and her son and he wasn't complaining. She stroked him in time with the movement of her tongue. Each throb of his cock brought a throb of his asshole on her tongue. She was lost in her own sensual and exciting world and didn't realize how close Andy was to climaxing.

"Ohhhhhhh, Moooooommmmm!!! Andy groaned.

Linda could feel his ass spasm and felt his balls moving. It took her a moment to realize that he was about to climax. She wanted to have his cock in her mouth when he did, but it was too late. She stayed put, plunging her tongue in and out of his asshole as deeply as possible. She felt the hot juices rushing up the shaft and squirting onto his heaving stomach. She would have giggled if it had not been so incredibly exciting. When the last dribble was out of his cock and his asshole no longer squeezed her tongue so tightly, she pulled away. She stayed under the blanket however, wanting to enjoy the musk that had been generated by her son's strong climax. She kissed up his balls until she found his shrinking cock. It was lying in a pool of his cream. She nuzzled his cock and then took it into her mouth. It coated her cheek as she sucked him gently, pulling the last of his juice from his balls. Then she turned her mouth to his sticky stomach where she licked his cum like a cat does milk. When her tongue could find no more, she rested her head on his stomach.

After a few minutes Linda knew from his steady breathing that he had fallen back to sleep. With her face covered in his cream, his taste in her mouth, she reached between her legs and pushed several fingers into her overflowing pussy. She moved her fingers in and out until her own pleasure peaked. It was a gentle climax, but none-the-less satisfying. Her attempt to restrict her movements in order not to awaken her son made her pleasure that much more intense. With her fingers now soaked with her son's sperm and her own juices, she fell asleep, her face inches from his now flaccid cock.

Linda was humming as she stood naked at the stove fixing dinner. The door opened and Andy came in carrying an arm full of logs. He was soaked from head to toe. "Put that wood down and get out of those wet clothes before you catch your death of cold." Andy stacked the pieces of wood next to the stove and began to strip. He saw his mother looking between him and the food cooking on the stove. He stood and gently began to stroke himself, bringing his cock to erection.

She was hungry for food, but incredibly found herself just as hungry for her son. Andy pulled a chair over and sat down, his cock now pointing toward the ceiling. "Sit on my cock, Mom," Andy said. "The food will burn," she returned.

"Put it aside, we can eat later," Andy ordered.

After a bit of hesitation Linda moved the pan off the stove and turned to her son. She moved over and threw her leg over his thighs, centering her pussy over his throbbing erection. Slowly she began to slip downward. A moan escaped her lips as inch after inch went into her already wet pussy. When she had him all the way inside her she paused, looking into her son's eyes. "I love you," she whispered. "I love you, too," he answered as he kissed her passionately. As he did he lifted his mother's hips until his cock was several inches out of her.

Linda whimpered and pushed herself down, taking Andy into her all the way again. With their lips locked together they fucked like that for some time. Linda climaxed several times. She couldn't get enough of his wonderful cock. She wanted Andy to climax in her.

She moved faster until Andy halted her. "Turn around and sit on me," he said.

Linda stood up and turned with her back to him. Then she moved backward and slowly slipped downward. Andy grasped his cock and held it upward for her. "Oooohhhh!, Andy," she giggled, "That's the wrong hole." Andy moaned and a shudder went through him. His cock head was on his mother's asshole. Instead of moving his cock to her pussy he pulled her downward. "Andy ... what ... we ... uh ... what are you doing?" Linda gasped as she felt her son's huge cock head pressing into her asshole.

"Relax, Mom ... relax," Andy encouraged. He felt the tight ring of his mother's asshole begin to expand. "Yes, yes, push down and relax," he whispered.

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