Mom's Have Urges Too - 3

Andy awoke to the smell of bacon, eggs, and coffee. He opened his eyes and saw his mother putting plates and silverware on the small table.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," Linda said with a smile.

"Good morning," Andy said, rubbing his eyes. He was still groggy from getting only a few hours of sleep. "The storm is over I see," he said, looking at the sunshine streaming through the window.

"Yes, it is a beautiful morning, but that was a ferocious storm. I'm glad the cabin is still standing."

Andy got out of bed and suddenly realized that his underwear was tented. He had a piss hard-on. His face flushed when he saw his mother look at his crotch. "I uh ... I need to ... uh ... I'll just go outside and pee."

Andy did his business and came back in and had breakfast. Afterward they packed up the Jeep and headed down the dirt road. They were only a half mile from the cabin when they reached the old rickety bridge. Unfortunately, it was no longer there.

They jumped out of the Jeep and walked over to the edge as close to the now raging river as they dared.

"Oh my God, the bridge is gone," Linda said.

"The storm must have taken it out. It has probably been there for years and it has to be washed out the night we arrive. Our luck sucks," Andy said. However he quickly realized that if they couldn't get out for a few days they would have to tough it out. He didn't let his mother see him smile.

"Do you think there is another road out of here?" Linda asked.

"I don't know. It looks like the road to the cabin continues up the mountain, but it doesn't appear to have been used in years. We can check it out. We have enough food to last a couple of weeks or so, if we are careful. There is plenty of water. Maybe I can somehow fix the generator as well."

"Our cell phones don't work up here," Linda said. Andy nodded and said, "Worse case we can walk out if necessary." Andy put his arm around his mother. "We'll be fine." "Now, let's get unpacked again and I'll see what I can do with the generator."

An hour later Andy came inside with grease on his hands and said, "No luck, it is fried. But I did find a storage building that is kind of built into the side of the hill. I'm not sure what is in there. I'm going to break the lock."

Andy's went to the Jeep to get a tire iron to break the lock when he remembered an envelope that his friend had given him. He had totally forgotten it. He got it from the console of the Jeep and opened it. Inside was a note from his friend. It said that he hoped he enjoyed the cabin and explained about the generator and where the operating instructions were. He also said there was a storage shed with non-perishable food and other supplies, which he could use if needed. Andy took the key and ran to the shed and opened the door. Inside were shelves of canned food, a medical kit, generator fuel and other supplies, enough for them to survive for weeks, if not longer. Unfortunately with the generator fried, the fuel would be of no use. Andy ran back to the house to tell his mother the good news. They hugged happily.

Later that evening they lit the oil lamps again and tried to read. There just wasn't enough light. They washed as best they could and went to bed instead, Andy again sleeping next to his mother.

That night Linda had a very strange dream. It was similar to those she had had years ago, only much more graphic. She was in bed and Andy was with her. He felt him crawling between her legs and then he began to kiss up her thighs. She put her hand between her legs to prevent his mouth from reaching her private area. He kissed the hand which protected her pussy. She was about to pull her hand away when she suddenly awakened. She was breathing hard and could feel her pussy throbbing. When she came to her senses she realized that she was lying in the crook of Andy's arm again, with her face against his chest. She could feel his heart beating under her cheek. His body felt warm and comfortable. She could smell his maleness which caused a little shiver to run down her spine. She realized that her pussy was soaked and knew why. Linda couldn't stop herself from very quietly masturbating.

After breakfast they left the cabin and headed up an overgrown trail near the river where the bridge had been washed out. That walked further up the mountain and came to a clearing. There they found a man-made ladder and wooden walkway that led to a point very close to a huge water fall.

"Oh, wow, look at that, Mom. Tom told me there was a beautiful waterfall here."

"Let's climb up there," Andy said, pointing to a ladder attached to a platform which overlooked the falls.

Andy climbed the ladder to the top of the platform. He walked back and forth testing the boards and then climbed down. "It's really sturdy. It looks like it was built recently, the wood is still green. Go up in front of me. I'll catch you if you slip."

As Linda began to climb the ladder, she could almost feel her son's eyes on her ass. She was wearing the same pair of tight cut off shorts and the tube top she had on when they arrived. She knew she shouldn't have worn such tight shorts, but she had not brought many clothes and certainly no good ones. Her ass was almost in his face as she felt him start the climb behind her. In spite of her embarrassment she felt a rush of excitement go through her. With each step she felt the excitement growing and knew that her panties were getting wet. It was crazy, insane, but she couldn't control her reaction.

As much as she didn't want to, she couldn't help turning her head and looking down. She almost gasped when she saw her son's eyes staring at her ample butt. She forced a quick smile and hurried up the ladder. When they were on the top of the platform, she glanced down at her son's crotch and could see that there was a tent in the front of his jeans. She shivered. They sat quietly for a long time, enjoying the gorgeous falls and the beautiful day.

Andy stood up and reached down to help his mother up. As she stood, her sandal caught on a board and she fell backward, but into her son's arms. When she turned to say thanks, she realized that their lips were just inches apart. The gorgeous day, the breeze rustling through the leaves, the fine mist of the refreshing water all conspired to make Linda's head spin. Before she knew what was happening their lips were pressed together. She had no idea how it happened or who initiated it and incredibly she felt powerless to stop it. Suddenly she felt Andy's hands grasp her breasts. A low moan escaped her lips as his tongue entered her mouth. A moment later she realized the enormity of what they were doing.

Linda pulled her lips from him and reached for his hands and pried them from her breasts. She pulled away and stood flustered. "That, that was ... not appropriate," she said in a whisper that was almost drowned out by the thunder of the falls.

"I'm sorry, Mom. I guess being here and all this beauty, the rainbow and the falls, and being next to you ... I mean I don't know what came over me." Andy's face was beet red and he looked as if he might cry. He awaited her wrath.

"Okay, okay, let's not let it ruin our day," she said.

Andy almost sighed in relief. Instead of ruining his day, it has made it.

As they walked along the trail Andy reached out and gently took his mother's hand. He was relieved and delighted when she didn't pull away. They walked hand in hand back to the cabin.

When they arrived back, Andy said he was going to explore the old road to see where it led.

"Okay, Sweetheart, but don't be gone long."

"Okay, I won't." Andy followed the vegetation covered road up the mountain and over the ridge. He figured the Jeep could navigate the road without any problem. There were several sections that were dicey, however. He came to a bend and saw that the road continued back down the mountain. He climbed a rock to see over the trees and realized that the road did in fact look as if it went all the way down the mountain. Then as he looked across the horizon he could see several cabins, with smoke coming from the chimney's, and suddenly knew that this road had to have access to a main road. With excitement he turned and began to hurry back to his mother. Then his pace slowed as he wondered if he should tell her just yet. He knew it would incredibly dishonest, yet he remembered the kiss and wondered how far he could take it. Would she let him kiss her again? Maybe she would if they were there for a couple of days. What else would she let me do, he wondered? She had not really admonished him for pawing her breasts. As he neared the cabin he decided that he was not going to tell her right away. Maybe he would wait until tomorrow. What would it hurt, he thought?

After dinner they went outside to watch the sun set. They sat side by side on the porch. Andy gently and carefully put his arm around his mother's shoulder. She leaned into him. Linda sighed and touched his thigh with her hand.

A moment later their lips were together again. Again she had no idea who initiated the kiss. There was that voice of warning in her head but it somehow seemed far off. This time the kiss lasted longer. When Andy pushed his tongue forward, his mother opened her mouth and let it in. He moaned and felt himself getting excited. Then he almost gasped when he felt his mother's hand drop to his crotch. He wasn't sure if it was by accident or not. Incredibly he felt her squeeze him.

Linda couldn't believe what she had just done. At first it was an accident, but when she realized that her hand was right on his erection she couldn't help but squeeze it. It was almost a reflex action ... or was it? she wondered.

Andy moaned quietly.

Linda pulled away suddenly. "I ... I ... had better get ready for bed." She was shaking as she walked into the house.


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    " He felt him crawling between her legs and then he began to kiss up her thighs"
    really fake horrible writing.

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