Mom's Have Urges Too - 10

Linda continued her sucking, enjoying the taste and feel of his throbbing cock. She sucked the head and then licked it, bringing a moan from her son. As she continued to suck the excitement of what she was about to do made her head spin. She was nervous, but was determined to do it. She wanted to drink Andy's sperm....all of it....she wanted to swallow him and have his sweet cream in her belly. She wanted to do it for him....or maybe it was for her. She lost herself in her task and the outside world disappeared. Her heart belonged to her son now and nothing would ever change that. Drinking his cum would seal it forever in her heart and mind.

"Mom," Andy whispered as he felt his excitement building to a peak. When his mother didn't respond he said, "Mom," this time a little louder. He could feel his balls churning and knew that his climax was not far away. "Mom, I'm getting close," he said in warning. When she still didn't respond, he tried to push her head back, fearing she would be mad if he climaxed in her mouth. Linda felt Andy's hands on her head, pushing her back, but nothing was going to stop her from getting what she wanted. She looked up at her son and their eyes met. She tried to translate what she was about to do to him. Then his eyes opened wide in surprise and she knew that he knew. She moaned deep in her throat and closed her eyes, telling him it was okay, telling him to cum in her mouth.

"Oh God, Mom," he gasped as his cock throbbed and suddenly a huge blast of cum lurched from the head. It was followed by another and another.

Linda thought she was prepared, but the volume that hit her throat was still a surprise. She swallowed the first blast, loving the feeling of his thick cream as it slid down her throat. But she didn't want it all to go into her throat. She wanted to taste him. She shut off her throat and let the rest spew into her mouth. It came in such a great quantity that she feared that her mouth would not contain it all. Her cheeks bulged with his load and she tried to hold it in. A little sperm trickled from the corner of her mouth, but she kept the rest safely inside. When the flow finally stopped she was relieved, if not proud, that she had contained it all. She pulled her mouth from his shrinking cock, closing her lips tightly, and turned her face up to him. Her eyes were smiling as she looked at him. Then she swallowed. Incredibly she felt her pussy spasm like she was about to climax. She swallowed again and the spasm grew stronger. On the third swallow she did climax. It was an amazing climax and she had not touched her pussy. It was a strong, yet smooth and gentle climax, like the flow of his sperm down her throat. It continued until she had swallowed the last drop.

When she looked up, she saw Andy looking back at her with a look that was a combination of love and amazement. Andy saw that there was a gob of his cum on her chin, but the rest was gone and he knew she had swallowed all of it. Then his lips spread in a broad smile.

"God, Mom that was incredible."

Linda continued to smile proudly at her son. She now knew why women liked to suck cocks.

Andy reached down and pulled his mother up to him until she was lying on his chest. Then he tried to pull her lips to his and she resisted. "Let me brush my teeth," she said.

"No," he responded and pulled her to him again. Their lips met in a wet and loving kiss.

The next morning Linda stood at the small sink. She was naked. Andy sat at the table, also naked. "So what are we going to do today?" Linda asked and she dried the last breakfast dish.

Andy looked at the bed and smiled.

"We can't spend all day in bed," she said.

"Why not?"

Linda threw the dish towel at him and said, "Because."

Andy stood up and pulled his mother into his embrace. "We can because I love you more than anything in the world."

Linda started to protest, but paused as she allowed her son to kiss her. Her heart started to beat faster as the kiss turned passionate. Andy pushed her back until her buttocks hit the table. Then he lifted her and sat her on the table, his lips never leaving hers. When Linda finally pulled away she whispered, "Don't you ever get enough?"

"Not of you. And since you said we can't do this when we get back home, I want all I can get. That is still true....I mean about stopping, right?"

Linda remembered that she had told him that they had to stop when they got home. Of course that had been when they were just kissing. She felt a strong wave of sadness come over her at the thought of them no longer holding each other, kissing each other, and making love. She sighed as she looked into her son's loving eyes. "We will see," she said. Suddenly Andy wanted to squeeze the breath out of his mother. "We will see", meant that they could do least he thought that was what it meant. A small smile creased his lips, but he didn't say anything. He didn't want to press it and give her a chance to put limits on their relationship. Instead he kissed her again, hard. When he pulled away he saw that she was breathing heavily.

"Andy," Linda said as her son slipped from her arms and to his knees. Then she allowed him to lift her legs and push her back until she was lying on the table. "Oh, Andy," she hissed as he began to kiss her bare thighs. She knew it would be useless to ask him to allow her to wash before he used his mouth on her, so she didn't try. His hot lips trailed across her thigh until they reached her swollen and wet pussy. She felt him gently licking her outer lips and couldn't help moving her hips. She wanted his mouth on her pussy now. She reached for his head and tried to pull it to her, but he resisted, continuing to tease her lips with gentle licks and bites.

"Andy, please," she begged.

Andy paused and said, "Andy please what?"

"Oh God Andy, eat me."

Andy smiled at her crude words. "So you want me to eat your pussy? You want your son to eat your pussy?"

"Don't tease me. Please eat your mother's pussy."

"Okay, since you said please." With that he moved his mouth to her pussy.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!" Linda hissed as her son began to suck her. She felt his tongue lick her and then push deeply into her opening. Then he twisted his head around so his tongue touched all sides of her wet opening. Then he sucked. The room quickly filled with the sound of Andy's sucking mouth. Linda bucked her hips upward, pulling his head down as she did. "Yes, yes, yes, eat me," she gasped. "Ohhhhhhh, Andy, I'm going to.... cummmmmmm." She began to climax.

Andy plunged his tongue in and out of her as deeply as possible in time with his mother's convulsing pussy. When he felt her climax began to wane he found her clit and sucked it, sending his mother into another spasm of pleasure. He licked and sucked her until she climaxed again, and then again. He couldn't get enough of the sweet juices streaming from her pussy. Finally he felt her pushing gently on his head. He pulled back and pushed her legs back and over her head. He spread her ass cheeks and paused to look at her. Her little rosebud was pink and wrinkled. It was still pulsing from her recent climax and almost appeared to be winking at him. He stuck out his tongue and touched the little hole with the tip. He heard his mother moan and he did it again. He was ecstatic that she wasn't pushing him away. She was going to let him eat her ass this time without protest. He plunged his tongue deeply into her asshole. His index finger found her swollen clit and he rubbed it.

"Anddddddyyy," she screamed as another climax started.

He could feel her asshole clinching on his tongue as it twisted and plunged into her neither hole. Her reaction excited Andy beyond belief. He did it over and over as his mother twisted and squirm on the table.

For Linda, the embarrassment of having her son tongue fucking her asshole her was less this time. It felt too good too stop him and he seemed to love doing it. Her hips moved in time to his plunging tongue as she climaxed over and over.

It took a while for her to come down. When she did she realized that Andy was still licking her. For a moment she thought of pushing him away, but she knew it was too late.... he knew that she had climaxed from his tongue in her ass. She couldn't deny that she had liked it.

Andy couldn't get enough of his mother's sweet asshole. He licked it and sucked it long after she stopped climaxing. He kept her ass cheeks spread as he literally made love to her asshole. He loved the taste and smell of her and would have stayed there for hours if his knees had not begun to hurt. Reluctantly he stood up and looked at his mother. Her eyes were closed and there was a serene look on her face. He leaned close and kissed her.

She readily accepted it into her mouth. When they broke the kiss she took a deep breath and said, "Are you trying to kill your mother?"

"Never. I can't help it if I love to eat your ass and pussy," he said.

"Well, how about fucking me now?" Linda said.

Andy looked back at his mother with eyes wide. He couldn't believe that she was asking for it.

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  • They sure have come a long way in a short time.

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