One time I dressed in panties and a slip and had a blow job from another Crossdresser

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  • Live in NYC. After the lockdown started in late April, my roommate got came into bed at 11pm while I was in the bathroom. Jess was dressed in white bra and panties and full makeup and his hair was styled. His nails were polished and his lips looked so kissable. He is short and very feminine, he never dated and figured he was gay. Jess look very sexy kneeling on my bed.

    I said, Jess what are you doing. He looked at me and said, I've loved you for a year. We stuck in this apartment, let me be a girl for you.

    I said Jess, I'm not into guys. He started crying and said, Please I have to know how it feels for you to be in me. I'm a virgin I want you to be my first. Jess reach out to me i took his hand and he pulled me to his lips. And we kissed.

    That night I was Mr. 3 times. And I lasted over 30 minutes each time. It was incredible. Jess' ass feels better than any women pussy. And no one can match the blow job's.

    Fast forward to Dec 3rd, we are completely in love. I only think of Jess as her now and introduce her as my girlfriend Jessica to my friends. Jessica cums from receiving anal, I also love masterbating her 2 inch boy-clit until it cums.

    Thank God for Covid 19, because of it I now have the perfect woman.

  • I was a cute little boy/girl of 11 and pretty much always in panties, dresses or skirts. I'm totally accepted by my family as that's how I am. Visiting my aunt for a month I was coerced and forced to submit to an older teenage boy who was like me as far as dressing like a girl. He said that looking like a pretty little girl is just part of it and then introduced me to oral and anal sex. He said that boy's like to be sucked by someone cute like me and if they really like you they'll even fuck you.... He was right!

  • Except not a woman.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Who cares that is old news

  • Just one time?

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