Where there is a negative there is a positive!

I’m 25 and my brother is 27 we both live at our dads house, my brother girlfriend of 5 months has moved in.
The house is pretty big so it’s not like we are on top of each other, mainly see each other as we’re passing.
3 weeks ago I was in the kitchen and my brother girlfriend was at the table reading her mobile phone, hiya I said you ok, yeah so so she said, oh doesn’t sound a happy so so, I sat at the table while eating my toast I said come on out with it what’s troubling you.
Nothing worth saying really it’s my own fault, how so I said, she said I shouldn’t have rushed in and dated your brother nor should I have moved in, blimey I said sounds serious what’s made you be thinking like this, she said you, me I said what have I got to do with it, she said I think I’m dating the wrong brother, I said but you hardly know me how can you be thinking that, she said I watch you, I like how you talk, how you dress and your way of thoughts it’s so much more on my level, I said I’m not sure that’s a good thing, she said she’s been in my bedroom and had a look around to try and know more about me.
Ok I said what now what’s your plan, she said I finish with your brother move out of here and you and I start sleeping together, are you for real I said, yep absolutely she said, I said and when you planning on doing all this, right now she said I’ve texted your brother and I will collect my things and be gone, then she said will I be seeing you later...
Well the rest is history because the last 3 weeks I have been up to my nuts in my brother ex pussy and it’s a delightful looking pussy.

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  • You should never go behind your brother's back.

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