Just a nice story

I’m a retired 55 year old lady and four years back I met a young man of 21 at the bakery, he was very polite, charming and very attractive, he helped me take my bags to my car, he asked if I was going to be watching the football tonight, I said I don’t watch football and even I did I can’t because my TV doesn’t work, he asked what was wrong with it and said I have no idea, turned it on and nothing been like that for three days.
I can have a look at it if you like, might be something simple you’ve missed, I said it’s up to you and told him where I lived.
On my way home I thought I shouldn’t have told him where I lived, I told my neighbour and she said she will keep at eye out and come round.
The young man did turn up and he was lovely, he said it was a electrical lead needed and can get one for tomorrow.
When he left me and my neighbour had a good chat about how handsome he is.
The next day I was happy not to have my neighbour looking out for me and the young man came at the same time, he replaced the electrical lead and my TV was working again.
Wonderful I said how can I ever repay you, he asked if I lived alone and if I was to feel lonely I was to give him a call or pop into the bakery.
Two days later at the bakery he was very charming again he said he would drop by later after work.
I was waiting for him and felt like a little girl again all nervous, I quickly went and changed my clothes, reapplied makeup and adjusted my hair.
When he arrived he immediately complimented on how great I look, while having a cuppa tea he said he wished he was my age so he would have a chance of dating me, I said don’t be silly, why would you want to date someone like me, he said I was a really good looking lady and would happily be more then just good friends, how do you mean I said, you know he said going red in the face, I would happily go to bed with you.
Oh I wasn’t expecting you to say that and I’m flattered but I’m afraid it’s been some time since I was last doing anything like that.
He said it’s not a crime and if it makes two people happy what’s wrong, I asked what happens three or four months later, he said whatever happens happens, I said come back tomorrow when I’ve given it some thought.
Next day same time I said I have given it some thought and before I could finish my sentence he said I’m sorry it was silly of me to put you in this position please forget I said it. Oh that’s a shame I said because I was looking forward to like you said, two people having fun what’s wrong with that.
Great he said, I said I’m afraid you will have to lead the way I’m sure a young man like yourself knows what he’s doing.
I must admit not even in my younger days did I have sex like we did, he’s young with lots of energy, I even lots weight!
He has got a new job at the supermarket so very rarely see him now, it was good fun like he said and I’m very pleased I met him, I still hope he’s going to knock on my door one day.

9 months ago

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    • Another bored keyboard jockey with nothing better to do but pretend to write as a woman

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