Was never interested in my cousins before...

I've read hundreds of stories of people getting together with cousins. I've never had that experience. Never really thought about it to be honest.
I was kind of a lone entity in my family, where all of my female cousins were either 10 years older or 10 years younger than me. So there wasn't much in terms of anything happening.

My first wife told me of how she and her cousins would fool around at family functions. Technically I almost got laid at a family reunion, (the only reason I didn't was because my 14 year old self then came during the hand job she was giving me, and it never really got back off the ground), but she was adopted, so it really didn't fall into the same category.

Now, all of my cousins have kids. Most of them are adults now. A few of them are so smoking hot it's indescribable. One is a swimsuit model. Another is rather sensuous, and has one of the best pairs of tits I've ever seen.
I think to myself that had we been teens together that I would have had no reservations about having sex with them. I never thought I would masturbate to one of my cousins, until now.

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  • I would so love for one of my bros or cousins daughters wipe the floor with dickhead and send him to the cleaners. It would give me throws of pleasure seeing then drop Joy Joy down on her fat ass too. You know I never asked any of them to do that but it would be a class act to see. Snarles could do a few very well. Jordi and that little fluff belle ! yep. that would be great to see.

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