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I don't know what to do anymore, I live with my cousins were all in high school but recently one of my cousins went to the hospital, my cousins sleep together but last night cousin 1 wasn't home for cousin 2 ( honestly cousin 2 has a nice body but she's my cousin yeah I check her out when she wears revealing clothes but I've never wanted to do anything sexual with her) but last night she asked if I can sleep in bed with her to help her sleep I didn't want to because I sleep in my boxers she told me it doesn't matter I've seen u naked as a kid, so I went on and slept in her bed but she asked if can hug her while we sleep, thing is her ass was right on my cock and it felt so warm and good, my sexual tolerance is really low I got a erection she obviously felt it I said sorry I'll back away I didn't mean too, she said noo don't it's just hug me, so I did but few minutes later she started rubbing her ass on me and eventually I got turned on and took my cock out and I believe I stucked it right under her vagina because I felt something wet and really warm, she continued to rub on me and I started to hug her tighter eventually I camed between her legs or ass cheeks we went to sleep right away with out cleaning anything the next morning which is today she didn't act differently she was as if nothing happened last night, I feel terrible I don't know what to do I've never had any sexually desires for her, expect for last night I just felt different for her, please tell me your thoughts or opinions about this

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  • Depending on your age & I question the foggy accuracy of your account, I'm betting that the head of your penis was penetrating her labia & entrance to her vagina, resulting in that warm wetness you felt. You describe the rest as blurry, tighter "hugging" which I know involved some grinding as well, resulting in your orgasm & ejaculation of semen somewhere "between" her legs you think, but not knowing. It appears you may have actually penetrated her to some degree & if so, she'll be desiring more intimate closeness, believe me. Especially if she felt any of your ejaculation inside her.

    First, relax. All that is happening occurs naturally & automatically due to nature itself. I'm sure you kids are aware of all this and what hugging when you're sleeping together will cause among adolescents. Don't be sorry for anything that occurs ; it's natural & it's becoming mainstream 2018.

  • I smell a packy in the air

  • I say ask her if she likes it and if she wants to do it agai

  • Come on cousins do it all the time.....NOT

  • Nice fantasy story


  • What a load of fucking lies and bull shite

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