Naught stuff with my cousin?

So this is a last years experience... I hadn't seen my cousins in a couple of years, and to say that they have changed would be an understatement. I'm a fifteen year old girl, my eldest cousin, Brandon, is sixteen. Anyway, when I saw him again I thought he was really hot. We have both always been fit and athletic but we have both started working out and playing even more sports in that last years and so we are both in really good shape... Turns out I thought he was also really hot and we were at (God help us) a Christian camp, and we had one more night at the camp before I would go back to my cousins house (I live in a different area, my parents weren't there) and we were fooling around outside when the stars were all out and we ended up falling on top of each other, we started making out and feeling each other up. Also, before I had just changed in front of him, and I got my sweater stuck on top of my head when I was changing so he same into the bathroom while my boobs were totally out and helped me pull it over haha. Anyway, then he pushed my hand down his pants and I felt his hard c***, I will never forget that feeling. Needless to say we did a lot of naughty things while I stayed at their house for a week, but I'm glad to say we both did not want to go too far (no s**) because we are too young. I feel really weird about it and I think the other cousins were catching on but we didn't really care. He's so hot and I loved dominating him, I would pin his hands over his head and run my other hand down his strong chest and abs, I wouldn't let him touch my boobs unless I wanted him too. It was so hot.

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