I find it arbitrary

I've always wondered how the taboo around incest got started. I also think there's kind of a double standard about it: people are all about being good and righteous based on religion, but there's incest all over it, and all over history as well. They either ignore it or they don't even bat an eye. I understand the genetic implications of it, but from a moral standpoint, I think it's very arbitrary. In my family, our sex education was very open and revolved around three pillars: if it's consensual, responsible and pleasant, it's ok. So, as long as I take care of STDs and use contraception responsibly, I've never seen why not get sexually involved with anyone I fancy. And many of my family members would agree.
I, for one, lost my virginity to my older sister, and we're both very comfortable with that fact (even if we don't tell everyone we know about it). It happened after I discovered she and our oldest cousin were a couple (she was 23 and he was 31 by then, and I found that extremely hot somehow. I was 18). We had a very honest talk about it and concluded that same thing: they both wanted it, they took care of themselves, and they enjoyed it very much, so it wasn't wrong. After I told her I was attracted to her too, she offered to have sex with me. In doing that, I was welcomed into a free, accepting relationship not only with her, but also with other family members. turns out she often slept with other cousins as well, and so I did with our other female cousins. They're all older than me, so I've gotten to enjoy very pleasant experiences with them.
But no doubt, my sister is the sexiest woman I know, and I rarely enjoy sex with other women as much as I do with her.

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  • I fucked both of my younger sister's growing up together, we are only a couple of years apart in age. It wasn't a problem for me, my sister's are good looking and both were virgins. I was 16 years old and my sisters were 14 and 13 years old, they were both willing and eager partners. After I lost my virginity to a older girl and had sex with her for a couple of months, I talked the older sister into having sex with me first. My youngest sister just turned 13 years old when I talked her into letting me fuck her to. I fucked my 14 year old sister for a year and my younger sister until she was around 15 years old. We had to stop Because we weren't kids anymore. I have to confess that my sister's were the best sex I've ever had. They were the only virgins I have had sex with in my life

  • The stigma around incest is fucking ancient bro. I didn't read the replies to it may have already been said, but it is well known the stigma surrounding incest is rooted in the deformities that occur in the offspring. It grew into an outright hatred and disgust of the practice. In logical thinking there is nothing inherently wrong with incest if there is no procreation but it is so embedded in our culture it cannot and will not ever be openly accepted. Ur welcome

  • There is no stigma in procreation by people with congenital diseases such as blindness, so why should there be one for incest. Originally, incest was forbidden by religion. However, religion is a load of bull-shit designed to control everything we do. Lies such as the one about politically-minded Jewboy who claimed to have risen from the dead should be banned from all schools so as not to corrupt children.

  • I never gave to much thought about it in this context personally I think there are family members who have a natural intense sexual attraction. When my daughter started puberty I would have a hard time not checking her out. I was very attracted to her and fought with it all the time. She lived between my ex and my place and we started flirting allot. Making sexually suggestive comments I would compliment her sexy outfit saying just that you look very sexy. I found us in some conversations as she started to have sex when she was 14 yrs old and it got very detailed even exchanging stories. Many times we would hug or kiss and it would linger hands roaming and cuddling on the couch. She was 19 yrs old and had moved out of an apartment she shared with a friend who lost her job. The two of us one night laid on a couch we had been drinking wine and started talking about sex. Before long we started making out it felt like a sexually tension was broken and relief flooded my body along was the most intense arousal. That night we had the most intense sex it was amazing and from romantic to fucking like wild animals. We fucked waking several times thru the night and in the morning like lovers. As we talked after we shared the intense desire we had for each other over the years. Like an addicting we fucked all the time after with list and no regrets knowing we was sharing how we felt so deeply about each other. It wasn't like a girlfriend boyfriend we understood our father daughter rolls we just under stood we chose this way to express our love and still do to this day. We also understand other wouldn't ever understand and wouldn't want to make others try to. I don't think every family members should do this but if there is this mutual desire to express and enjoy each other like this feel it natural and only their business

  • INDEED. There are countless writings of similar accounts regarding incest. Accountability regarding the fundamentals surrounding it are well managed by everyone in this family as well as many, many other family units thus ; why it continues to increase in popularity & preference on a global scale. Incest certainly has found its place in society just like sexual misconduct has its place in society, however that is a whole 'nother stretch o' road.

  • Not trying to judge but y'all are wack. Plenty of fish in the sea. The world is almost overpopulated and y'all wanna sleep wit fam? Get out and explore man. Stop trying justify this shit.

  • Another fool misses the point. Look, he isn't trying due to there being absolutely NOTHING to justify. You, bozo, are several decades behind the mainstream. He's simply displaying the management employed by that particular family regarding their healthy sexual intimacy. He adds that his sister is his favorite lover. Furthermore, keeping sexual relations within the family unit keeps all & everyone involved much less complex and further supports cohesiveness among the family unit. Additionally, it beats the hell out of your proverbial fishing in the sea.

  • I believe it is more to do with the allure of the taboo of it. It is hot because it is bad to do. All of ur reasons are flimsy honestly just own up to it. Accept that it is a fetish. People will respect u more

  • Perfectly said

  • During the early years of America developing into a nation many families settled on huge plots of land. Very remote no cars schools stores rarely ever integrated into society. It's was due to the obvious seclusion and medical wasn't available. It wasn't rare for a mother to give birth and die during or after. The oldest daughter would step up as lady on the house doing the things the mother did. Many recorded books cover how the daughter and father would move into roles as husband wife. Family's ran their own farms and when sickness took over many times children died. Family's kept growing in order to keep the farm going to keep the family alive. So those we know who's family came over here as an early settler most likely has a family tree of incest. This is a fact other reading can look up just food for thought.

  • Good research to read about for those in denial regarding incest. Obviously there can't be that much that is terrible about it. Probably those rare genetic mutations they refer to are mostly fabricated.

  • They are not fucking fabricated u idiot, don't spread nonsense. That is why there is a stigma around incest to begin with. Study biology and learn for urself two immediate family members having a child results in a whopping 50 percent chance of damaged dna. And it gets worse further down the line. Incest is one thing incestuous procreation is another.

  • What about couples with congenital heart disease or congenital blindness? Shoud they be criminalised for marrying and having children?

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