Trouble With Sister-In- Law

My wife's parents have retired and downsized to a small house near the lake. my wife and I plus her sister and brother-in-law went up there to help them move in after the truck was unloaded. my wife's sister and her husband are having marital problems and stormed out in i fit of anger and did not return for the rest of the weekend. Saturday night my wife's parents had gone to bed and my wife and I were watching television in the den. my wife was laid out asleep on the sofa. I was sitting on another sofa which faced the television on an angle so I was perched up against the armrest with one foot on the floor and the other on the sofa. My sister-in-law came in and sat on the other end of my sofa and since there was plenty of room for her I did not move. I glanced at my wife to see if she was still asleep and she was.I had on a pair of flannel boxers and knew that with my legs spread my penis and scrotum should be visible to her. I wanted to see her reaction at my "accidental" exposure. My wife's sister is a real bitch and the two of them have never gotten along very well. There always seems to a fight going on between them. I had secretly hoped that she would see my junk and use that against my wife by telling her I had a small penis. Instead she sat back against her armrest and extend a leg towards me. She put her foot up into the leg of my boxers and fondled my penis with her big toe. I looked again at my wife to make sure she was still sleeping. My sister-in-law had a real sneer on her face when I did not do anything but let her continue. my penis became erect of course and moved away from her toe so she started fondling my scrotum. i just let her do it. She sat up and moved closer to me. I was very nervous and check my wife again. I though that i was about to have sex with my sister-in-law and wanted to do it but she just stood up and walked away. i know she thinks she has put one over on my wife by using me that way and i hope she keeps her big mouth shut.

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