Kamela Harris gets me rock hard

I think Kamela is hot! She has a cute sexy smile and a curvy figure that makes my cock get hard for her. I want to kiss her soft lips as I gently enter her pussy with my rock hard cock, and fuck her so good that she has multiple body shaking orgasms on my big cock! I want her to feel my cock pulsate inside of her pussy when I cumm so hard deep inside of her! Kamela needs lots of good fucking for our country! It is a patriotic duty. I bet she wears her husband out!

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  • Republicans even have to ruin sex by involving politics , good honest people laugh at you , you're a disgrace .

  • I’d Fuck her in the ass then make her lick her stink off my dick.

  • Here’s how you pronounce her name, camel la,, not kamala , douche bag,, not you, her

  • Who cares

  • Except for the fact she's a crazy fucking Democrat who wants to control everyone and take away our rights, sure I guess she's hot. AOC is hotter though. Now if we could just get the two of them to stop being bitches and go GOP.

  • I’d lick to stick my dick in aoc’s mouth, just to shut her up,, but to no honest I’m a Latina fan, and politics aside, I’d love to go down on her

  • Agreed. She may be a retard when it come to politics, but I would eat her fucking pussy, and then fuck the shit out of her.

  • Got that right

  • Then you must want to blow Obama,,, I mean obummer

  • Libtard

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