My wife's affair turns me on

I found out that my wife has been having a sexual affair with the neighborhood boy down the street from us, and it makes me super hot and horny! He is a high school boy in his teens, and always seemed to hang out at our house a lot. Now I know why! She has been milking this boys cock every day for months! It makes me rock hard to think of her getting fucked hard by that boy and taking all of his cumm from him! She got a diaphragm from the doctor to prevent her pregnancy because she likes to fuck him raw with no condoms. She likes the feel of him pumping his hot cumm deep into her pussy. I leave the house for hours at a time to let them fuck properly, and sometimes they are still going at it when I get home. They don't know that I know! I enjoy my sloppy seconds, it turns me on to mix my cumm with his cumm in my wife! My wife has been giving me the best sex of my life ever since she started her affair. It turns me on, and it makes me want to fuck her more than ever! In the heat of our passion, she calls out his name sometimes, and it makes me harder. Her orgasms are amazing, and she is always in the mood for sex! I hope this continues for a long time! Am I wrong?


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  • If you are ok with your wife fucking around then you are not wrong.
    You must realize that she is fucking you to keep you from finding out about her lover. She loves the attention he provides plus the fact that he can cum 6 times to your one. She probably walks around the house with his cum running down her leg, a big turn on for most women.
    Some day after she has several lovers she may find the one guy who can really wind her clock, if you know what I mean, then what will you do ? Will you be ok with sleeping on the sofa or in the basement while they fuck ? How will you feel when she decides to spend weekend with her lover ? i suspect you have not thought this thing threw.

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  • I have a young contractor adding a large addition to our home, and I found out my wife has been his personal slut during the 6 months he has been working here. I found out through the grapevine that she is the best fuck he ever had and that she craves his big cock every day. Our sex lives have been greatly improved, she never used to be so orgasmic before! Now I know why! It turns me on! I get hard thinking about her getting fucked so good by a big muscular man. I dont mind mixing my cum with his. She drains both of our cocks every day, and I love it. They dont know that I know, and that makes it even hotter. I have tape recordings of them, and she talks about his big cock a lot, she cumms real good for him. She lets him cumm inside of her! What a turn on!

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  • I thought mine was having an affair, so I bought a small soy camera off amazon that looked like a phone charger. I set it up in our bedroom. Nothing after a week. I figured maybe she’s not after all. Then one day I found a pair of her panties in the sofa cushions and they were used. She said “oh, maybe the cat took them out of the hamper and buried them there.” I said “yeah, that could have happened.” I set up the spy camera in the living room. And sure enough, after a couple of days, there she was on the sofa being pounded by some guy I have never met. I got off to watching, so I just kept recording and watching.

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  • I watched a teenager pump his load into my wife one night in a parking lot, it was super hot. We went out to eat, had two bottles of wine, she drank one and a half. She was toasty. While we were there, she said the waiter was cute, but he looked gay. He was maybe 18 or 19. I reached under and pulled her dress up and said open a button on dress, let’s see if he’s gay, let him look down your dress at your boobs and at your legs with your dress raised up. She likes being flirty like this so she went with it. When came to the table she got the menu and held it close to her chest, 2 buttons opened showing lots of cleavage, and pointed to items asking for him to tell her about the food. When he took the order he walked away and she said, nope he’s not gay! He was looking down at my boobs! We had a good meal, she drank a lot, and she was being flirty with the guy the whole time with me egging her on. I should say she was 38, with a decent mom body. We went outside to the car, and the waiter came out running after us with her purse in his hand, she left it at the table. She thanked him, and I said honey you should really thank him. She kissed him and it went pretty fast from there. She was on all fours with her dress pulled up and her panties pulled down, bent over the front seat of my truck with this guy pumping her from behind. He came in about three minutes, just a real quickie. We still laugh about it, whenever I suggest we go eat there. I tease her about it all the time.

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