Dating app adventure

When I was a sophomore in college my girlfriend of almost 4 years broke up with me. I went the almost the entire year without even kissing another girl, so when I was back hole for break I decided to use some dating apps to try and end my dry spell. It didn’t take long before me and this one girl to start talking and hit it off. I made it clear from the start that I was just looking for sex and maybe a fwb for when I’m home from school. She was said that she was looking for the same and was willing to meet that night. I was very excited to finally be done with this dry streak and got ready. Right as I grabbed my keys to go and pick her up she sent me a message saying “btw, I’m 15🙈” my heart dropped. I was about to cancel everything and not take the chances but something inside of me was saying that this was exciting and a once in a life time opportunity so I decided to still go and get her.

I picked her up at the meeting spot and we drove around the neighborhood till we found a good secluded spot. We made our way into the back seat and started to make out. My heart was racing, this was the most exciting thing to ever happen to me (sad I know) and I was living it up. Right as I was trying to take her shirt off she stopped me and looked down “I’m nervous, you are actually the first boy I’ve ever kissed” for some reason this statement made me more excited and without thinking about it I slide my shorts off and gently took her hand in mine “just do whatever you are comfortable with, if you want to stop we will stop” I started to move her hand and placed it on my cock. We continued to make out as she stroked me for a while more before I finally asked her “do you want to suck it?” She nodded her head and made her way down till she took it into her mouth. It was obvious tho was her first time but I helped her out and gave her encouraging words. She was a fast learner and eventually got me to orgasm but pulled up at the last second and I covered my shirt in my own semen. I wasn’t even mad, I was in pure ecstasy and was ready for more. But she said she was done for the night.

We hung out for an hour or two more. Just driving around and talking. She was a very interesting girl and I enjoyed our time together. After we got some food I drove back to where I picked her up and before she got out she gave me a kiss saying “if you ever want your dick sucked, just give me a call.” We meet up a few more times but that’s a story for another time

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