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Do men find women in heels more sexy more arousing??? My bf brought me 6 1/2 inch wedges to wear for him in bed because he said I'll look really sexy and that my legs would look longer and what ever. Short story I learned to walk in them and I wore them to school and every guy was staring at me not taking a glance but like eye balls just following me around school I think I even saw a guy taking a picture of me in class, when I got out of school even some dad's were checking me out. even my middle age neighbor was for surely sexually staring at me. while I went for the mail in those heels for a practice walk. do heels (footwear) really make you look that much more attractive ? I've been told I have a hour Glass body shape but I've never had people starring at me like that before, were people just staring at me because I look really tall I have long legs so with the heels I'm 6'2. I feel sluty but it makes me want to wear them in public again lol but honestly ill look like a 16 year old girl with to much freedom (chill I'm 18) any answers would be appreciated thanks

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  • Some do, some don't.

  • Leggy,18, most likely cute I would star tooo

  • They don’t call them “fuck me” pumps for nothing, dear. For me, a female, it’s fun wearing them and a turn-on when it gets a “rise” out of a guy.

  • My wife works has a carer and the guy that she looks after they was browsing around the shops , They was looking in a shoe shop window when her client said you would look good in those shoes , My wife said they was really nice her client insisted on buying them for her , They was high heels he also bought her a short skirt which he insists on her wearing all the time she his in his flat caring for him , Some times his old friends pop in to see him and can't take there eyes off my wife looking at her shoes .

  • Thanks everyone for your answers. Spring break but I'm taking AP classes and wore them to school again today lol I'm loving the attention I get with them. I got a complement from my English teacher but there not an every day shoe to wear I'm really tired from my soles I'm going to stay with my sneakers for school

  • I'm 43 female & married, but when you get down to it, so much fashion is about attraction and turning someone on. Whether it's heels, short skirts, tights/stockings, whatever. I every time I wear these things, I know it is because I want to look good, and have others think I look good (i.e., attractive). My husband likes me to wear heels during sex too. I'm sure a lot of guys like that.

  • It also pumps up your ass and alters the stride. Very sexy.

  • Yes high heels make your legs look better if you stand on tiptoe and look at the calf's of your legs it makes them look more shapley , So when you have heels on they look shapley all the time , If you have really smooth good legs as well they look fantastic add this to a mini skirt its a winner . My wife always wears short skirts and heels and constantly gets compliments about her legs , I have so many photos of her in micro mini skirts and heels posing I show work mates and friends they always say how good she looks , I have my own personal stash for my eyes only consisting of up skirt shots with with no knickers on looks really hot believe me

  • It depends if the woman has great legs etc to match the heels. I find myself seriously aroused looking at momen with great legs in heels while I’m out in the city center

  • Some guys find women in heels very sexy. Some, like myself, don't. I've never figured out what the attraction is, supposedly it makes a womans ass stick out more when she walks, or something. I think that the women think that it makes them look sexy and so they act more sexy when they wear them, which the man picks up on. Personally, the women I find sexy, I find sexy, regardless of what they are or are not wearing.

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