Flashing guys on the bus

I take the bus to college and I have started flashing guys on the bus, not loads just few times, just for kicks.
I am kinda pretty, so I get stared at a lot, they stare like I am something to be looked at, like art or something. I can't object, but it does get tiresome, and it's all guys from school boys to really old men, and I don't know where to look when someone is staring at me.
I decided to take control, and started staring back which made a few look away, then I started winking, and a few looked awkward, but some came on to me, so I needed something accidental, something that looked unintentional. I almost always wear dresses and skirts so I would just quickly part my legs and give them a glimpse of my panties while looking away, and once I thought they were looking, look their way and look shocked and shut my legs, like they were a pervert. It was great fun, but I realised I liked flashing my panties as much as catching them so started doing more than flashing. I will sit on a train and once noticed, sit in such a way that the guy who was looking can see up my skirt the whole journey and pretend I haven't realised.
Fun game or cruel?

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  • Please challenge me?

  • I wanted to try it without panties but got scared, so did it with a very small thing, that rode up by ass, and camel toe, so you could see everything. I think I nearly killed an old guy on the bus, he must have been in his 70's or 80's, I thought his heart was going to give in. Also I gave a middle aged guy a unwanted erection just before he had to get off the bus. Awesome fun.

  • I flashed my neighbor as a joke while we were on the porch drinking and smoking. He actually got on his knees and ate my pussy with my boyfriend right inside our apartment asleep. Flashing is fun. Ditch the panties and you might get a lick.

  • You sound like great fun, have you thought about trying it without panties on :-)

  • Thought about it but bottle it, I feel that if they look up me skirt it's their fault, but if they look and I have no panties it's mine, changes the game ha ha. Don't want to be accused of being an exhibitionist. Would be fun though.

  • Fun game girl. I do the same thing. I hang out with my friends at this coffee shop. Whenever some guy comes in, we always rock, paper, scissors to see who will flash him. I love the look on their faces when they finally realize they are being flashed. Lot of them get up and leave. Guys sure do talk a big game though.

  • Fun. Everyone likes a free show.

  • I guess

  • Lose the panties and shave...

  • I'm totally smooth already, but not quite ready for pantyless flashing

  • I had a GF that hated wearing panties and quite frequently would have short skirts on. I should not have let that one get away!

  • Sounds like great fun, I’d love to see your panties and maybe even some pussy hair sticking out the sides? How about a big camel toe? That would excite my cock

  • Ha ha thanks for commenting, I do get a camel toe some times, depends on what underwear I have on, but there will definitely be no hair sticking out the side I am smooth!

  • Good. Lots of hair is gross lol

  • Agreed, that's why I get rid

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