Dad started watching me

For the past month my dad has been staring at me while I'm standing or walking by or especially when I'm bending over the counter,
It's like just weird I'm his daughter and I'm barely 18 !! Is it okay ? I know hes just staring
at my body mainly my legs, I get alot of compliments about my legs and my friends say I have an hour Glass body, which I like the attention but that kind of attention from my dad feels weird, my mom brought me a bathing suit she told me to try it on and come out to the living room, I did but it was a bit to small and the back of it went up my ass I know for a damn fact my dad was staring, I saw him from the glare of the tv, has any one else had something similar to thiss

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  • Well don't feel bad , my father groped me, had me suck him and many other things when I was growing up. My mother would just stand there and watch.

  • She would just watch

  • Did it turn you on more when you were being watched

  • It did help to hear my mom encouraging me to do things, and telling me what a good girl I was.

  • A father notices his daughter growing up, there is a difference between noticing and watching

  • Yaw dude is stuck in a time warp. This crap may have been a valid complaint 40 years ago. Dude needs a calendar bad.

  • Dad sexually attracted to daughter, request for masturbation material.

  • Exactly! It's hot

  • My dad takes my pics and some videos but I don't think he will share with anyone

  • I would love to see them. I'll send back a cumtribute video, to you, while watching them. I know it makes you horny. You know you wouldn't post on here if you didn't want a bunch of men jacking off to you.

  • We already saw them at work. He showed the whole crew.

  • He did not. Your only kidding

  • Uh, yes he did. We all saw them....such a nice peach fuzz on that pussy.

  • Omg he did

  • I think he fancies you. Be a good girl and fuck him

  • I'm not the op my comment is just below and I have been having sex with dad for a long time

  • Yes my dad is all over me every time my mom isn't home

  • What do you mean all over you , and how old are you ?

  • I mean even if mom is jst running to the store he touches me or strips me or get on me and fuck me. I'm 17 it's been happening for a long time

  • Your dad sounds like he a busy man good for him he could my twin

  • You should post your story

  • He could just be admiring you becoming an adult, or maybe not if he is looking at your bottom and legs while you are bending, that is sexual interest in you it depends if you are ok with it, I use to like my dad looking at my body it did turn me on I know its wrong of me, what you need to do is discretely look for his erection the bulging in his pants, then you will know for sure, let me know

  • Hi Beth glad to hear daughters like dad's attention x

  • Pretty sure it's just a sexual interest now, Monday I had on baggy sweats on Tuesday I had jeans on, he looked at me offen but didn't tried to look at me as much, rest of the week I had baggie ish clothing on but on Friday I got girly with a short sundress and wedges it's just ehhhww he kept looking at me every time I was around him I made sure by bending over the counter when talking to my mom and had my phone on record pretend it was off in my hand and he was staring down my waist the whole time

  • Nothing to worry about, unless he tries to touch you inappropriately. Keep in mind that a lot of daughters look like their mother when she was younger, and it is nearly impossible for dad to not to look and be somewhat sexually attracted.

  • Get freaking lost. [mocking voice>] " ..unless he tries to touch you inappropriately". For crying out loud, she's his freaking daughter.
    Furthermore, it's common knowledge that daughters indeed desire their fathers sexually, for all the obvious, routine reasons. Girldude is "crying wolf" ; it's as old as the hills.

  • Makes sense

  • Don't be overly concerned. Think of it from his perspective. Maybe a month ago he realized how good looking you are. It's hard for guys to control their thoughts and gazes when it comes to girls. If he starts making unwanted advances, draw the line immediately and stand by it at all costs. If you let the line creep back, it will mean he'll keep pressing. Think of it like you're reverse parenting. I reverse parent my folks in different ways and it does have at least some effect. One final note, if he is otherwise a good dad, he probably loves you in a caring way far beyond a sexual way. Hope this helps :)

  • Yaw cornball, wake up to 2018. You compose like a square from like 30 or 40 years ago. Look, incest became mainstream over fifteen years ago. Get up to speed slowpoke.

  • Haha I know. I'm more of a hexagon lol. Anyways, I was saying that to give the poster ideas for getting out of the situation if she so desires.

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