I cheated on my girlfriend with a man twice

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I cheated on my girlfriend with her sister.

  • I cheated on my girlfriend with her sister's mum!

  • I cheated on my girlfriend with her sisters mother's mum!

  • I've been cheating on my wife with a man for the past 6 years. At least once a week every week. I just love sucking dick and having a dick in my ass

  • So your a poofter EH ?

  • Another fool.

  • Better than being a poofter you prick

  • Not really. I can act straight, but you are incapable of acting intelligently.

  • I love a dick in my ass by a strong man to make me feel like a sissy

  • I too strayed with a man. I have always been curious, and I met him at his place and sucked him off. I went back 3 more times and wore sexy lingerie for him. He is old enough to be my dad, and so big he makes mine look tiny.

  • This is me

  • Wtf u gay

  • Fool. Bisexuality is a legitimate choice.

  • The same man? Did you fuck him, or did he fuck you?

  • He fucked me

  • Did you let him shoot his load in your ass?

  • I cheated on my ex-wife three months into our marriage. That's not why we're divorced. We're divorced because she was a rabid, raging alcoholic.

  • Cheated with another man?

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