Frat Hazing Surprise

After a long pledge week, i was finally a pledge in a fraternity. One last hurdle was left - The initiation party. All the pledges were told to arrive early and get our clothes and assignment for the party. One by one we were called up and a brother would take each pledge out of the room. My fraternity brother led ,e to a room and handed me a french maids outfit. i said come on you have to be kidding. He said if i wanted in the fraternity i had to wear it and serve drinks to the fraternity brothers and their dates. I undressed and put on the maid outfit complete with panties. The party began shortly after and me and the rest on the pledges carried trays and got the brothers their drinks. After an hour or so we were told to line up and get blindfolded and were told to keep hands behind our backs. We were then told to get on our knees. Everyone started to cheer and chant. A brother walked down the row of us pledges and said are you worthy to be our brother. I could hear the chants and cheers. Something must happening. I heard him say "you Pass!" and then little later he said it again. Then I felt a rubber dildo touch my left shoulder then over to the right and then as it passed back to my left it brushed across my lips and for some reason i opened my mouth slightly and roar came from the crowd. he stopped the dildo and pressed into my mouth. Everyone screamed and cheered. thinking this is what i was supposed to do i began sucking it. Everyone went crazy. he pulled the dildo out and everyone calmed down for a moment and then there were cheering and whistling. Something soft and warm pressed against my lips. This was not a dildo this was a real cock. Scare to disappoint the crowd, I parted my lips and he pressed his cock into my mouth. The loudest cheer yet filled the room. As he slowly pumped my mouth slowly, I realized that my cock was growing hard. Someones' date yelled, "look he is getting hard!" There was no hiding it. The short maids skirt didn't hide my growing cock. He started pumping harder and harder and everyone cheered and cheered. Something came over me and I began sucking as hard as i could, My hands came around and grabbed his ass and he fucked my face hard. Then he stopped suddenly and warm juices squirt into my mouth. He pulled out and pulled off my blindfold and I saw a string of cum pull from his cock and my lip. The pledge next to said all the others did was sit still as the dildo touched their shoulders light a knight being knighted. holy crap! what did I just do? All the brothers and their dates were laughing and carrying on. I was embarrassed so I grabbed my clothes and ran back to the dorm still in my maid outfit. I got cat calls and jeers as I ran to my room laid on the bed. Soon a knock on the door and my big brother stuck his head in and asked if I was ok. I mumbled I'm embarrassed. He sat down on the bed and said it'll be ok. He said, "boy you got pretty hard when he entered your mouth." I said yeah it felt good in my mouth. He said, so you liked it? I nodded yes. He then got up and lock the door and opened his pants. His hard cock bounced as he approached. I dropped to my knees and wrapped my lips around his hot cock. He came within a minute. I guess he was really excited too. That was my first night sucking cock- 2 in fact. But that wasn't the last night. Most pledges have to clean the brothers rooms and do chores. I cleaned cock and lots of it. I didn't get fucked that year but that is another confession.


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  • Who knew so many of us were forced to be frat boy cocksuckers. After you suck cock for weeks, you can't go back. First couple cocks, I remained limp dicked but after I started trying to give good head to make them cum quicker, my dick sprang to life. I became a very good cocksucker. I didn't want to get fucked in my ass because they would have fucked me until I couldn't walk. I remember being asleep in my bed and get woken up by the feeling of a big fat cock pressing against my lips. I would slip the head of the cock past my lips and let him fuck my mouth. I wouldn't even have to move much. Soon hot cum would shoot down my throat and he would close up and leave. I would swallow and go back to sleep.

  • Same with me all during college, from 2011 to 2014, I was the black headboy for a mostly white frat. 4 or 5 times a night cock would be in my mouth they come and go back to there bed. Most would jerk me as I did it.

    I became hooked on it after 2 months I could only get hard with men. In time my body responded by Cummings as I swallowed.

    I'm completely perverted now, I need to swallow several loads a day to be sexually satisfied. I know I'm doomed to get AIDS, most men are anonymous pick up.

    I never wanted to be gay.

  • Are you taking it up the ass bareback?

  • Yes always bareback.

    I can't stop myself, I need to feel the warm cum of a white man filling my ass. Being black and gay is so hard. Why do i only want white guys cumming in me and love being submissive to them???

  • I'm completely fucked up sexually from gay hazing. That year I end up the sex toy for the entire frat house even the new pleges. In fact I was used for all 4 years of college.

    Day and night they would use me, as one fuck my ass another was in my mouth. There were 19 guys in our house swallow their cum every day. My ass is permently prolapse from being fuck so much. On the weekends it was agony as all 19 fuck me often multiple times.Most Monday's I couldn't walk.

    It 10 years later I hate my life, I can only cum from being fucked by multiple men.

  • I have never ever told anyone about this, but 22 years ago while in college I gave my roommate blowjobs whenever he wanted. I still remember looking up at him and him saying, "swallow my cum you sissy slut". I really wish I would have told my wife about it before we married. I am finding myself fantasizing about acting slutty again.

  • There is no shortage of guys who want their cocks sucked. You need to wrap your lips around a fat cock like the good ol college days.

  • If I knew 100% I wouldn't get caught I probably would

  • You still can be a slut. When my wife goes out of town to visit her family. I dress up like a school girl and go to the local adult shops. I wear a skirt and blouse with thigh high stocking with garter. No panties. I insert a vibrating butt plug to get me wet. Plus guys can hear it and know. I walk around and bend over to show my goods. I get snickers and jeers but thats part of it too. Once an older couple was in the shop. I could hear them whispering. The wife finally approached me and said she wanted her husband to suck my cock while she watched. We went to their mini van in the lot and climbed in. They had removed the seats in the back. He lifted my skirt and sucked me like cock crazed whore. His wife masterbated as I fondled her breasts. I shot my wad in his mouth without warning and he gagged but his wife said swallow it. He complained to me and I told him I needed him to fuck me. I removed my plug and positioned my head down and ass up. He mounted my and proceeded to fuck my sissy pussy. He dumped his load deep in my ass. The wife gigggled and said you are cocksucker honey. That is not normal but get dogged by several guys until cum is oozing out of my pussy and mouth. I try to see how many cocks I can serve in a weekend. I've gone to a gloryhole and stayed all day and night to suck as many cocks as I can. Then return to normal life until the next opportunity.

  • I too love to suck cock and swallow cum. Have ever sine I sucked my first cock at age 10. I'm now 68 yrs old and still going strong. My wife knows nothing about my secret sex life, and would divorce me if she ever found out. She has nothing good to say about gay people. But then again I don't consider myself gay, I just I enjoy an alternative life style.
    I visit the gloryhole booth at the local adult theater daily. My wife thinks I'm meeting some of the other men from the senior living community where we live. I do stop and have a couple of drinks with them, but skip out early to get to the gloryhole. Once in the gloryhole booth, I strip completely naked, the booths are small enough that when I bend over my ass hole is against the hole on one wall, while my mouth is at the other. Most days are normal two to three, in each end over a couple hour period. However on Friday and Saturday nights I can walk out of there with my belly full and sloshing, and butt cheeks slippery with my ass hole gaping and oozing cum. I'm a happily married gay man and love it.

  • Sounds really risky. Getting caught would ruin me

  • If it makes you feel any better, my sorority hazing was crazy too. I was blindfolded and took god knows how many cocks. And once I got in, it was like we just serviced the frat. We were always available to them, and they would just come over and do whatever they wanted.

  • I thought of myself as straight until that night. Until that cock parted my lips I never even considered sucking a dick. That first year, they would just show up at my dorm room and expect me to suck them off. They wouldn’t acknowledge my roommate. I’d have to blow them with him in the room. He asked why I let them do it. I said I’m afraid they’d kick me out and tell everyone. That was part of it but There were a few cocks that really got me super hard! Some the sorority girls befriended me Thanks for your kind words. Please reply back. It’s good to know you know how it was.

  • I was no stranger to sex or bjs, but this was different.

    And Yes! I had that same situation! Luckily my dorm mate and I were pledging together, so she didn’t judge.

  • Right, I started to love sucking cock, but having to do it whenever they wanted to fill me with their cum was not my idea of being a fraternity brother. I hoped things would change the next year but bjs weren't enough.

  • I thought I was the only one who got gang fucked by my fraternity "brothers!" On a dare I kissed someones cock head. Someone took a pic on their phone and they blackmailed me. They said they would send it to my girlfriend and family. So I was a frat whore for a year. I swallowed so much cum I wouldnt eat. I lost weight.

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