Cheating wife

I cheated on my husband every week

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  • I am 23 married for 4 years and I have cheated on my husband daily for the past 5 weeks with our neighbors son who's 17 and happens to be black. God he fills me way beyond being full of his cock and when he cums it's three times as much as my husbands which I love.. He's such a animal for he takes me when he wants indoors or out no matter to him and I have become his when ever he wants me, I can't say no to him even if I wanted to.

  • It's women like you that I am living alone........and I like it this way : )

    I am a very physically fit, but not internally healthy fit 57 year old male.
    I live alone and own everything outright. I get to fuck as many women as I choose to, from 16 years old to an astonishing 66 year old with a great libido.
    I have a different female sharing my bed at least 3 times a week and I am very popular with the ladies my age, their daughters, grand daughters and the like.
    I host nice bar-b-que's on the weekends and holidays such as on Memorial Day and hosting a big one this coming July 4th. Though I am not sure if I will allow people in my pool ( want 8 lifeguards....shortage here )
    I am considered a very eligible bachelor , but I refuse to get married or have a steady woman. I enjoy the pleasures of choosing who I want from a bevy of females available to me.

    I was married twice and had 4 seperate serious relationships, but jealousy on their part and cheating made me realize that I don't want anymore gold diggers, stress, headaches or anything else. I have been happy for the past 12 years and a few of my ex's still beg to try to get back with me.

  • I wish my wife would cheat on me as well because she's such a prick-tease in her cut-offs and mini-skirts with her gorgeous long legs. The thought of other men giving her what she deserves really turns me on. Whenever we're out and about and I see another guy oggling her legs and ass, I immediately start imagining that guy taking my wife from behind totally naked. Yeah, I wish my wife would fuck a new guy every week.

  • I wish my wife would cheat on me. I would love to be eating her out in a 69 position and watch another man's cum draining out of her slut asshole.

  • You aren't alone. I cheat on my husband when he is at work and then I get him to eat my pussy when he gets home. It is so hot knowing he is tasting another man's cum in my married pussy.

  • You either "cheated" on your husband in the past... or you "cheat" on your husband every week

  • Can I be next weeks?

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