That fertile seed

Right before Christmas my girlfriend cheated on me with a black man. This black man I know pretty well as he has fucked a few women I know. All these women he fucked which was 4 different women all ended up having children by him.
2 of the 4 women has 2 kids by him while the other 2 just have 1 kid by him and all kids are around or under the age of 5.

Well today I was randomly thinking about it as I was checking out my girlfriend in her tight jeans that makes her ass look so good and her nice perky breasts. I keep thinking about how she cheated on me with him and shocked that she never got pregnant by him. Seems like he got some super sperm.
When she confessed about it, she told me that he blew his load twice in her. 1st cum explosion was when he was on top of her and 2nd time while she was in doggy position.

Guess I should feel lucky cause we have been trying the past year to have a kid together.

1 month ago


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    • I am so fucking fed up hearing about black shit day and night. If aliens came to earth and had eight heads, forty eyes, six legs and a gold plated craft, white women would be fucking them left and right. It's enjoyable to read erotica, but this black cock shit is over the top. It's a fad.

    • You must have a little dick white boy

    • Cucked ass bitches

    • Just take my petite submissive slut to adult bookstore and adult cinema where my little submissive slut takes only BBC. She will almost always take a white dick to suck while the a big Black Cocks take a turn from behind. .. she never cares about seeing who is fucking her as long as it's a BBC and fills her holes. She says the best times is when BBC is taking turns from behind (she nearly always has all holes available) while the inferior white dick boys gets sucked off or just Jacks off their cum loads on her body while the BBCs are taking her ass and Pussy and filling her up while white dick is pretty much covering her in their sperm. She just a complete slut.

    • After we got married my wife ended up having two kids from two different black guys. We also had two kids together. Now she's had her tubes tied so there's no more accidents if you know what I mean. We are still married and we are happy. The kids have been great together. She's always been attracted to black men. I knew that before I married her. She definitely wasn't a virgin when I married her. I've grown to accept how she is. And realize that she will fuck other men once I awhile.

    • My wife was a cheerleader and volleyball player at an all white small NE high school. She had to catch herself from cheering for the black players on the other team. 'I'm tall, they were tall, dark and handsome. I was always taller than my boyfriends.~ In college she was on volleyball and they worked worked in the same gym with basketball. She had a black boyfriend for a year. ~He was athletic, I was athletic -- both tall, we fucked like porn starts.~
      She has a prejudice neighbor. Her mom proudly displays and 8 x 10 glossy of them decked out before a formal dance. Her mom had her on BC since she was 16. An older boy home from college was fucking her when his mom came home early. Both moms were most concerned he was in her bareback. So she dodged that bullet at 16. At her 10 year reunion I thought it was pretty cool the way she fit in.

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