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My 23 year old daughter picked me up as she is using my car,and she had two young girls with her Candise is 13 and cousin Cadence is 15.Well i set in the back seat with Candse and helped her light a lil weed bowl and her older cousin told her you act stupid around mom ill kill you she said just she took like 4 hits and was loopy and she laid her hand on my croach and i said to my daughter i said hey Star...and Star said its ok dad relax and let go so i said ok and sit back and my girl pulled off the road and Candise pulled my dick out and started to stroke it again i said hey you two what up? and Cadence said its ok its her first time with a man not a lil boy relax so i said fuck it and relaxed and she started sucking harder and bobbing her head and Star ask is it hard yet i said not really and Star ask is it big?Candis mumbled yea and Star said i can tell you both from experince it gets alot bigger and the girls ask how she knows and Star said like 15 years ago my friend Mia and i decided to ask daddy to see his dick and make it hard then we dared each other to kiss and suck it and Daddy cum in Mia's mouth and i was jeliouse so i waited till mom and dad drank and walked in on them as dad fucked moms face and i just set down and watched mom started to bitch but daddy kept going and he ask whats up and I ask daddy NT mom if i could suck it too?Mom started to say something and daddy pushed in more and shut her up and told me to ask mom and i ask if she could please let me swallow and learn to treat my daddy like a king and my mom said if your sure and i said i was then daddy ask if mommy could like my lil birdy and butt i said yes not sure why and e switched around and my girl started to suck me and i said first off deeper is better and pushed her head down and told my wife to get on with it she hesatated and i forced her down and as soon as her tounge hit her lil bald pussy then the real blow begain and didnt take long for me to cum and my lil girl said she loved the taste and pulled her moms hait thru her first orgasim now i hope for many many blowjobs and soon hard fucks with our girl.


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  • Your a sick fucking child rapist

  • You are a sick fuck to post that.

  • Die you sick fuck leave the children out of this crap.

  • Dumb

  • First learn how to write then hang yourself fucking pedo. Make sure you leave a well written note behind for the police. Sick fuck

  • Wrong? I can't even fucking understand what the Hell you are trying to confess.

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