Can we both be subs?

I recently realized I enjoy when another female tells me how she’d use my husband sexually. But I also enjoy when another man tells me similar things and degrades me in the same way.
On the flip side, I recently read conversations on my husbands phones of men telling him they wanted to sleep with me and how they would do it if they had the chance.
It’s just interesting to me because neither of us seem to get offended out this and it also seemed to turn him on as much as it did me.
Has this been anyone else’s experience?
Are there apps or sites to make pen pals of this nature by chance ?

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  • Pretty much the same here. I have 2 buddies who want to bed my wife Trish, and me theirs. The girls love all the sweet attention. I asked Trish if she knew what they wanted. She said ever since high school she knew when guys wanted sex, and is flattered in a naught way, glad I'm not jealous like an old BF. I flirt with Jill, buddy's wife, and she calls my bluff 'i'm ready when you are' -- not sure I want to cross that line. I would if I knew he got lucky with Trish. Jill is plane and a little chubby with big tits, like a FWB I had. Had a fling with a girl from the gym and Trish found her nude picture on my phone. She was happy I 'had my way' with her. 'Just don't knock her up.'

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Would love to use your husband as I wish. Can I tie him up and lick his balls and suck on his cock? Let me know.

  • I would love to see my sexy wife with another man!

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