Daughter needs a car

My exwife ask me if i was buying our daughter a car and i said yea when she sucks my cock and laughed it off.Later that afternoon i was watching porn on the smart tv and my gril walked in wearing a bikini and ask what i was looking at i told her strip poker game and she wanted to see.So i turned it back on and she saw a mother son and two daughters playing cards ,and ask well they are dressed,and i skiped forward a bit and she saw the mom and son conspire to cheat and strip the sisters and she started to ask me about getting her a car.i didnt even look over i just answered with a grunt and watched as the mom had both girls sucking thier brothers cock while she played with her pussy and my girl ask but daddy what if i show you my tits?I told her they are nice but no and she said i shaved today daddy i laughed and said yea you dont want a beard and she stood up and i saw she was naked and her pussy was clean shaved.I ask when she started doing that she said as soon as it started growing did i like it? i said its ok i was lieing i wanted to lick it all day and she ask well daddy will you get me a car if i she hesatated and yelled suck your dick i jumped up and looked and she said well mom said you told her that and got on her knees at my feet and said move your hands so i can give you the best head you ever had.And she puled my already hard cock out and said omg its bigger than i remember.I ask when she saw it and she said her and her friends used to wait till her mom and i was drunk and they would suck me and rub thier young pussys on her mom s mouth and she said her mom eats pussy in her sleep,and she started and it took me less that 2 min to cum and she swallowed it all and said next time i better last longer and she wants fucked too .so i bought her the car and a motorcycle to boot..


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  • You sick fucks spend hours {some days} writing fake stories and posting them. I just do some research and copy and post facts.
    True facts that all your lies and disbelief won't change. But I'm having fun replying to your fake stories, so write some more. And I will post my replies to them.
    Keep this in mind when you write a new post and spend hours writing it! I will wreck it in less then 5 minutes. I will do it faster because I will now do what you sick fucks do all the time! I will repost the same shit over and over again and again.
    If all you sick fucks don't want to see my posts then don't post new one's.
    Go somewhere else.
    We are sick and tired of incest and pedophilia posts! Yes thats right there is more people posting with me, But feel free to blame it all on me.

  • You are the typical sort of person that puts your whole life online to desperately seek approval from people. Oh look at me I'm on holiday, oh look at me with my friends, oh look at me eating but in reality you are as boring as fuck and you come on here to justify your life and feel like your life matters or you are some sort of hero. But in reality you just another CUNT.

  • I would rather be a cunt then a sick fucking incest loving ass hole like you dip shit. Told your sick fucking posts are going have me replies in them forever.

  • Fuck you and your incest post.

  • Lol.

  • I had heard about new people getting initiated but never thought about it. I had just finished when 6 of the staff came in and asked if I had settled in, I said yes, they said it was hot day and as I was sweating a bit I should take my shirt off to cool down, I said I was finished and would be fine, I was a bit uncomfortable as they were female, kept smiling and laughing, I said I was due to finish soon and would have a shower when I got home. One of them said save your water and electric have shower at work, I said I was ok, and that I didn't have a towel anyway, as I turned around I was grabbed and laid on floor, my shirt ending up under my armpits and jeans dangerously low down hips, they carried me out into back yard removing trainers and socks on the way, one of them unbuttoned my shirt on the way too, in yard shirt promptly got taken off as I was getting lowered to floor, at same time I saw hosepipe getting unwound, my pleas not to take my jeans off were naturally ignored, resulting in me on ground in just my skimpy briefs and a very unwelcome bulge inside them, when they saw that I was stood up and had my p**** and b**** groped by each of them, along with graphic comments about my briefs not fully covering my a*** and my crack being on show, then I was tied to fence and drenched with hosepipe from head to toe, and briefs literally ripped off and thrown in bin,then p**** given constant attention and masturbated to point of e********** several times, kept like that for ages before getting untied and being given clothes back minus briefs of course, very red faced day

  • Then you woke up.

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