Ex wife's boyfriend

First off I am trans but here we go I was over in New Port Richey Florida when I seen my ex and her new boyfriend in the mall and I started walk up to them it was crowded and when I walk by him I reach over and grab his croch and kept walking he turn and look and I wave he smiled so I was sitting in the food court and looking for him and about 15minutes later he walks up behind me and taps me on the back I said hi he said why did u grab my cock I said I want to fuck you he said when I said wright now so we went into the family restroom started kissing I know u with my ex wife he said what's her name told him her first name was Debbie he said her last name I said yes he goes let fuck so I sucked his dick until it was hard as a rock then he put it inside me and fucked me so hard and so deep and when he cummed in me it felt like heaven and very creamy I ask him when the last time he got some pussy he said two in months ago yep that's Debbie I stay to put my clothes on he ask me what I was doing I said getting dressed he said please don't I want more of that pussy I said ok soi suck on his dick and here fuck me deep and hard to more time we must been in that restroom for what seemed like hours Debbie called twice while we were fucking he didn't answer but we got dressed I freshen up and walk out together people standing there and Alli could do was laugh because I know they heard us fucking and I kiss him and gave him my number and we parted ways I got something to drink and sat down at table there in the food court and a lady walk up to me and ask me if it was good and I told her best fucking I got in a long time she did I swallow or I no took it deep inside me she said how deep all 11 inches deep it was great and it was 3times she said everybody heard you I said I didn't care it was the best sex I had in months I told her she would try it its not only fun but exciting because u know at some point and time you might get cought but after it starts feeling good and u get so excited and have multiple orgasms u don't care I would do it again wright now she said how about with another women and I and I said who you and she said nothing I said let's go she just say there with her mouth open I sad come on she got up and we went into the family restroom people watching and lock the door and I turn her around and pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties and started to eat her asshole out then move to her pussy and she was moaning and gasping and had a orgasm and then I fuck her until I cum in her we did this two times and exchanged panties got dressed and went out and there were a couple of people standing we both laugh and we went to her car and I ask her if I could give her a big sloppy kiss on her mouth while we stood there and she said please do so we held each and kissed and exchange emails phone numbers she told me we have got to go out as a couple I told her yes we do so this day was a good I got to fuck my ex's boyfriend and a woman I didn't know yummy

1 month ago

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