Telling my son the truth

First i am a drug addict and have been since age 11.So my daughter Star was here and i live with my son Dacota and his GF Teralyn,and Star walked in and Teralyn was naked watching tv,she told Starnits ok i let them be dressed as they like since we never get visiters.So when i came into the living room Star said nudes ok still dad,and told Teralyn i always told her nude is ok anytime.And she ask Teralyn if she and i did anymore and Star wasnt surprised that she said well when we get high Dad watches me play with toys and sometimes i suck his dick and ge cums in my mouth but Dacota dont know so please dont tell.Star got out her meth and rig and ask if i wanted any,of course i did,but i smoke and she shoots,and after she gave Teralyn perched up and ask if she could blast off and Star ask her wat she will do to get hi,and Teralyn looked her in the face and said Sell My Body...Star looked stunned when she said ok then was told ok to get high eat my pussy,and now Star looked surprised when Teralyn said you stripping or am i taking your skirt off? Star said no need to take mini skirt off and had Teralyn slip her thongs off and ask if i told her anything about what we did a few years ago,and Teralyn said no why.So i said go ahead and wispered in Star's ear that Teralyn gets very horny when ya talk about sex and she loves incest Star said so you told her i said not about you but about how mom and my sister blew and fucked me thru high school.let me say Star is 22 and has 4 kids and Teralyn is 21 no kids but kinda slow hell almost retarded,so Star said you know we lived in Mt Union and t
her and her younger friend rode with me to take her fiend and her brother home and that she had seen her friends mom suck my cock while her friends brother fucked his mom and that her friend was watching untill her mom said Do It Not Kayli and she sucked her brothers cock till he came and that made me shoot into his moms mouth and then Star and her friend took one of my porno dvd's and watched it while i was getting hi with Star's mom and that they watched as my wife watched Star's Brother Dacota jack off and that my younger niece was there and sucked me off and that Dacota never knew,and Teralyn said noway so Star ask if i still had the video and we showed Teralyn,and she was going to town on Star's pssy and Star said well that day we dropoed her friend and bro off and before we left there town her and Mia ask to see my dick so i showed them and they said its not hard and both grabed it and then Mia said Star i dare you to kiss it so i pulled off and she kissed it and then slipped a cpl licks on it and made my dick jump,and i ask where she learned that at her young age she said Mia's Brother taught them and Mia bent and kissed my dick at a stop sign and i had to stop her from sitting up as a lady crossing the street may see her so i laid a hand on her head and OMFG this lil girl took my 7,5inches to my balls and i cum in her mouth and she swallowed it all.Star said sghe was mad because Mia's brother let Mia eat his the day before after school,so i told Star as soon as we go in the house she can too but her mom was there so Star ask me to help with her tv and dvd so as soon as i steped in she had Mia trip me on her bed and she started sucking me and Mia said we saw her moms birdy and they know i dont like hair and helped Star blowing me.and that night my wife was drinking and i mixed her some fucked up fast drinks and Star and Mia had mom striped naked and was getting there pussies ate and fucking her with toys and other objects like barbie dools and other toys.and Star said dad record this and they brought Dacota over and mad him join in and he lost his cherry on his mothers mouth,pussy,and ass and i made sure his sister gets him some great head and pussy even,and Mia ask if i would fuck her ass and i i watched my son and daughter take on there drunk mom and Mia and i recorded and i fucked her very young tight ass untill she beged to eat it after i told the3 kids that i used to fuck my sister and tit fuck her after i saw her sucking my dads dick and she was very good and even let me fuck her and my cousin while they 69ed it and i tapped assholes.I am just keeping family funtimes alive


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  • You fucking sicko!!! The hell is wrong with you

  • Are you 12, or do you just write like you are?

  • Meth is a bad drug. It messes you up for life.

  • You just wrote "is it wrong" Sick fuck go smoke a ton of meth Druggie and go run around naked in front of the police with a large knife. What a waste this bull shit story is you brain on drugs.

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