The first time I ever gave head

I was 20, just got my own apartment and I was feeling frisky so I got on CL looking for a hookup. I ended up meeting a guy close to my age in the same town. I went to his apartment, his place was a wreck, dirty dishes and shit everywhere. I could tell he was closeted and felt a little awkward. I don't think we even spoke a word. He took his shorts off and sat on the couch I got on my knees and started sucking him, not even 5 minutes in my jaw is hurting (I have a really small mouth) so I stop and he starts jerking off, he motions to me right before he came, I put it in my mouth and started sucking, I'll never forget the warm sensation of him Cumming in my mouth, I stood up and ran to the sink and spit it all out, I washed my mouth out several times in his dirty sink then walked straight out the door without saying a word. I left there thinking wtf did I just do?

13 days

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    • Since you say it's the FIRST time you gave head, I assume you tried it again and found your groove.
      It took me forever to work up the nerve to suck, but I immediately fell in love with it. There's a strange sense of pride that comes with making a guy lose control and unload, knowing that it's my mouth giving him that pleasure. I don't always swallow, but that's the best.

    • I hope you got used ro the taste. Some is just plain nasty. Some is absolutely delicious. I este mine also and it always has a very sweet taste.

    • I have been swallowing every drop of the load since the first time I sucked a cock

    • I was 16. The guy that took me out stops at the overlook, we make out, and I let him feel me up. He was a very good kisser and knew what he was doing playing with my boobs. surprised myself that I enjoyed it, before I realized it he was up my skirt and it felt so good. Next thing I know is he has his penis out, it was this big glow worm. I really did not know what to do with it, just kissed it and put it in my mouth. we were in a really funny position, he is really doing a great job rubbing my pussy and sort of thrusting his penis in my mouth, i began to have a very strong orgasm and he starts to shoot in my mouth. I'm like WTF as I'd just started to suck and it hit in my throat and I was sort of forced to gag it down if I didn't want to choke. I wanted to puke, but I didn't

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