Transformed into a Fucktoy

When I was 21 I used to go out with a much older guy than me. He was around 60 but being with a guy old enough to be my grandfather was actually a big turn on for me. The feeling of guidance and protection that being with an older guy gives you is not something I ever found with guys my own age.

It started out the way you might expect, we met on Tinder, we fucked, we had a good time so we kept fucking. The sex was extremely compassionate from day one. He knew exactly where to kiss, lick and squeeze and he had me screaming to the heavens every time. He would ask me how it was after and I'd be lying there trying to remember my own name. This continued for a few weeks until one day he sat me down in his apartment and told me he needed to ask me something. He said it was important and whether or not our relationship could continue depended on my answer.

He talked about taking this to another level, which I thought meant moving in together, but he had something else in mind entirely. When I asked him what he meant he bluntly said "I'm not looking for a girlfriend. I want a fucktoy." after a pause he looked me in the eye and said "I would like that to be you."

I was so disgusted I could have thrown up on the spot. I was a strong independent woman and could never see myself as on object which only exists to please men. "Pig!" was the only thing I could bring myself to say as I got up from the couch to leave. As I stood up I felt his hand on my inner thigh. At that moment I felt it. All of those mind-blowing orgasms came rushing back to me. I saw what I would lose if I walked away now. So I sat back down and decided to listen to him.

He told me that I would enjoy it too and that we would end up having a more honest relationship than most people anyway. After about half an hour of him talking and me trying to look angry, I turned my back to him and said "OK, fine. We can try some new things."

At that moment, he literally bent me over, lifted my skirt and tore off my panties. He forced my legs apart and spat into my ass. I didn't say anything, I didn't try to stop it, just a few whimpers like a frightened dog. When he pushed his cock against the ring of my ass I didn't have time to think before the words "Yes, please!" had already passed my lips.

When he was done, he told me to clean his cock with my mouth. I knew that if I did it I would be fully submitting to him. Before he was just fucking me but now I would actively be following his orders. Needless to say, I did it. I licked his meat so clean you could see your reflection in the head. "From now on, you call me Daddy." he told me. And so began my new life.

I spent the following months as an obedient little fucktoy. Daddy used all of my holes relentlessly every day. I did everything he told me to, which was always degrading in some way. He made me suck his cock while he ate, he wrote whore across my forehead and he would often cum in my food and watch me eat it. It was bliss.

Daddy also spent a lot of time punishing me. If I said something he didn't like he would choke me with his cock and tell me to say it again. Another punishment included spending hours tied up, gagged with a huge butt plug inside me. Spanking, caning and large objects being forced into me was all part of my life. He called it "correction" and I craved it.

One day, he wanted to "correct" me for something really bad that I did. He had a friend over at his apartment and I had made some passing comment about being old. His friend was furious but Daddy didn't tell me anything. A few days later he told me to put on something slutty but nothing that covered up my holes and that I was going to be working hard tonight. I put on some lingerie with my fuck holes exposed and awaited instructions. Daddy blindfolded me and tied my hands behind my back and just left me in the bedroom.

I was there for about an hour when there was a buzz at the front door, then another, then another. I heard a lot of men's voices in the apartment. It almost sounded like a party. They were there for a while when suddenly the bedroom door opened. I couldn't see who it was but then I heard Daddy's voice by my ear. "It's time you learn to respect your elders." he whispered to me. I realized the voices in the apartment had gotten closer as I felt the familiar sensation of having a cock against my asshole. Then another pair of hands took one of my legs and lifted it in the air. All of sudden my pussy and ass were being used at the same time.

Not having any idea who is fucking you can be a little scary but this is what Daddy wanted. I understood this was part of my correction but what came next was not something I thought I would ever experience.

I lay on my side taking the two cocks, feeling like a real bitch when I began to feel hands, lots of hands rubbing me and squeezing my whole body. Some of them grabbed my arms and I felt my hands being wrapped around more cocks. As I lay there screaming, someone shoved there cock down my throat. "Shut up slut!" I was told by some random member of the crowd I was condemned to pleasure. Somehow they were able to get another one in my ass, making it the sixth cock I was working.

When the guy in my mouth finished, I breathed a sigh of relief. "One out of six. I'll be able to rest soon." I naively thought. But then I heard the words which would haunt me for the next twelve hours. "Your turn." one man said to another as he chuckled to himself, shaking the last of his sperm onto my face. His cum had barely hit the back of my throat before another man started plowing my face.

I took a pounding in all of my fuck holes and it was glorious. I had no idea how many men had fucked me that night and I didn't care. I could feel the cum churning inside me and crystallizing on my skin. Daddy took off the blindfold after everyone left. The sun was up and I was exhausted. He told me that I would never know who fucked me but this would not be the last time that they did.

Daddy let me be his fucktoy for the next couple of years and the gangbangs would happen almost every week, until finally Daddy left me for someone younger. I had been used and I loved it.

It's been about a year now and I miss it so much. So Daddy if you're still out there, I'm still yours.


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  • That sounds like an Olympic marathon. Lately I have done a lot of reading on the whole submissive toy sort of lifestyle. At first I thought it was about money for obeying an older man, but I've discovered the depth these relationships have and the reasons for this type of love are profound. There is a deep sense of security and trust, incredible sexual love, and a narrowing focus that takes away the confusing rat race of modern life. Submission brings a more satisfying way to live. I congratulate what you had and hope you can regain it or find something similar. Bless you.

  • Oh man, you would need help. You have been used badly and it has fked you up.

  • That is hot

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