The wife

One of my co workers brought in some sex CD s that he had for some time and wanted to get rid of them. There must have been a dozen of them so I took them all. Normally any porn people watch is on line and available to any one but these sex CD s were older and looked like they might be fun.
My wife of a few years told me i was wasting my time, lets go to bed and I'll show you you don't need sex CD s She was right she knew how to take care of me and keep me from watching any silly CD s
My wife is very attractive and in her early 30s. Men flirt with her all the time and she flirts right back. she has a great body , a perfect ass and drop dead legs She is so good looking she could have been a model. She has a figure 8 shape and when she puts on a very short skin tight black dress she looks like a movie star.
Having said all of this I know she has had a very extensive sex life. She must have had dozens of men but that was before i knew her so i don't care what she did or who she did.
The wife sometimes works late at night so there i was home alone and horny as hell, so i pulled out the sex CD s and started watching the show. This went on for about 20 min when I noticed a swinger group of about 10 people all were young early 20 s to mid 20 s. they were going at it like crazy and all were enjoying themselves. Then i noticed something that made my freeze There was one ass with a red rose tattoo on it ,she was on top of some guy with a very big cock and fucking him like a steam engine. My wife has a red tattoo on her ass just like that . I was glued to the screen to see her face, and sure enough there she was , my wife naked and fucking some guy. This went on for almost a hour and I swear she fucked every cock in the movie. I couldn't believe she could fuck so many guys one right after another. I knew she had a great sex drive but I never knew she could be a sexual athlete. I must have watched the show 20 times before she came home.
When she got home after work i kept my mouth shut , truthfully i didn't know what to say. I knew she was sexually active but not to that extant
I couldn't help but stair at her when she wasn't looking. I imagined her ass on top of some guy fucking the shit out of him.
I didn't know how to handle this new development. We were happy , our sex was good our relationship was good and i trusted her completely.
I wanted to formulate a plan where by she could watch the CD without me knowing but could come up with nothing.
So there it is , I'm married to a sexual athlete and didn't know it .I must admit our sex life as gotten much better , i hope this lasts forever.


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  • My colleague have some collection of porn in his office computer and at
    times shows me few of them during the spare time. While my friend is not
    around I used to drop my wife's nude photos and our fucking videos, our
    faces blocked / blurred in his computer. Then casually I will approach him asking to show any fresh porn he has downloaded and I would open my
    photos and videos and myself pass some dirty comments. He astonished
    would say some dirty comments wondering how he had not seen such one
    earlier and how it was downloaded. You can feel the rusk of hot blood down your veins while seeing someone watching my wife's sexy act.

  • They all love to fuck and many love being the center of attention.

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