I am SO Sore Today

I think I strained my tummy muscles LOL. Is everyone tired of hearing about my SSBBW Friend yet? just drop a ton of Down Votes and I’ll stop.

I might be considered a Dik for what I am about to say but this is a site to say what you really think. I don’t know if I am an FA (Fat Admirer) or a Fetishist or just a Guy who takes advantage of vulnerable women who other men overlook or laugh at. Maybe all three. The things that have gone through my mind since starting this relationship. but I want to go back to her. She is the Best Sex I’ve ever had. Although in my mind I call it “Breeding the Sow”

Even by a night light seeing a 450+ pound Woman on her back, Fat Legs Open, knees drawn up is a daunting sight. Her Fat Ass spreading out on the Mattress, Her Belly spilling over the sides. She looks like a Nasty Sow. But she gives me a perverse twinge in my Cock because I know the things she can do and she willingly does them to me. The Sow WANTS to be Bred. She tells Me “I Love the Way Your Cock Feels Inside Me’ In the midst of passion she urges me on..says “Fuck Me!” When I’m Close to Cumming she Coaches me “Come On, Come on…Give it to Me…Let it go” and when I shoot it in her its always Hot and Thick and a LOT. I take good care of my Prize Sow. I gave her good Oral and made her squirt in my mouth (a first for us both) she cried afterwards.

Especially with a Big Woman there is a point where her legs, Thighs, Ass, Pussy and Belly all come together…I call it “The Saddle” …When you’re “in the Saddle” …I don’t know how to put this…I started shaving my Balls Clean…When you’re on Top of her (in the Saddle) you are making contact the whole length of her…Your Balls are Nested in the Fat of her Ass Cheeks and as you Pump you feel her Sweat and Pussy Juice spreading out till you’re Peeling Your Balls off Her Ass as you thrust and its just getting hotter and wetter. The Momentum is moving her body fat up and back like a Wave Pool and she lets slip a deep womanly moan.

You Pump Harder, she starts to squeeze Your Dik with her Cunt. She relaxes her vagina as it Slides in, then Grips as you pull back, Then Relaxes again and again and each time I hit bottem I feel her Gentle Grip and Release at the Top of the Stroke. That makes me remember the 2 Stroke Engine animations you’ve seen. Intake Compression Exhaust over and over and My Cock is the Piston in her Cylinder. The Shit you think of During Sex is Ridiculous! That made me lose focus and our timing is getting out of sync. She Squeezes, Misses and lets out a Long Loud Sloppy Wet Queef!! and we both crack up!

We took a needed break and I allowed myself to sink into her fat

As we lay there she asked me. “Do I have Woman Skills”? I said “Amazing Woman Skills”

This morning when I got up to pee I still felt her Pussy Juice under my Balls the Base of My Cock and caught a whiff of her cunt

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