Homeless Girl

This homeless little girl often visits me for help, I always give her some money or food. She knew that in this lock down situation I live mostly in my house working on my laptop. On last Saturday she came to my house. She looked quite disheveled, I offered her some food and asked her whether she liked a shower. She was elated and asked me to show the bathroom – she literally ran into it. She did not lock the door and I could see her taking off her clothing, sweater, bra and panties. She washed first her bra and panties and then started the shower. Her body was indeed exquisite, flawless and smooth. She told me once that she was 18 but to me, she looked much younger with a pair of budding handful of perky firm boobs! I felt extremely lusty about her – to feel her, kiss her, and let her be close with me…
She came out in her sweater and short skirt. The bra and panties were left in the bathroom to dry. I came closer to her, saying she looked beautiful. She was too happy to know it and exclaimed ‘really’! I drew her closer to me saying ‘really’! and planted a kiss on her cheek. Interestingly she reciprocated by a kiss on my lips and soon found her tongue for deeper kisses. I kissed he lips I return and I pushed up her sweater up and felt her firm and warm breasts. She took off her sweater that make easy for me to swirling and flicking my tongue on one of her nipples then another while lightly massaging her small tits. ‘Oh god!’ she gasped and clasped hard my head to her breast.
I now knew that I can have her to my whims. My cock was rigid, throbbing, engorged to its full length and thickness and stiffness. I continued licking and sucking her tits as I to took it down my boxer. I pulled my 7” cock out - throbbing even more as I realized that I was going to fuck this luscious teen girl and then I took one of her hands and put it to my throbbing cock. She gasped for a moment and started to stroke it in right rhythm! Now there was nothing between us to have sex.
But I wanted to do other things first before fucking her. I moved my mouth away from her breasts and asked: ‘Have you ever had your pussy licked?’ ‘No,’ she whispered. I took her to my bed and laid her on her back. I wasted no time. I clutched her thighs and pulled them wide. Her pussy was right before my eyes, trimmed hair and puffy lips with light brown hairs surrounded her slit.
I ran my fingers along her moist slit and then moved my mouth between her spread legs. I swiped my tongue along her slit, separated the lips with my fingers and then slid the tip of my tongue into her pussy. Her juices were just seeping out, it was delicious - smelled like musky honey. I jammed my tongue into her pussy and then swiped it over her clit. OMG! She gasped and thrust her back up, mashing her cunt on my mouth as she reached her first orgasm. She had her head thrown back and her tits thrust out; her hands clutched the sides of my head and she hunched and mashed her pussy on my face. But I continued with my tongue-fucking her pussy as I sucked her clit with my lips. ‘Oh, my my mmmmm, it feels so good! Your tongue!’ she was mpaning.
I clutched her smooth soft but firm butt as I stuffed my tongue back and forth in her pussy slit widening her thigh even more. I had the sweetest-tasting young cunt ever licked or sucked.
My cock ached and throbbed, fully erect to its length and thickness. My balls were full and full of semen. I felt a sense of overwhelming perversity and lust. I was going to fuck this sexy teen chick in heat and I knew she wanted it. I took out my tongue out of her pussy and moved my body up. I wrapped my arms around her waist, thighs up towards upper arms, and placed my cock on her cunt – pushed in slowly…. I asked her whether she can take my cock in and that it was time for her to take a big stiff cock deep in her pussy. ‘Ah, I want it. Um, mmmm, I can feel how big you are—just by rubbing me, my bf’s one is nothing to compare’ she whispered.
I pushed my hard throbbing cock into her juice-flowing cunt, it was soon clasped by her pussy muscles as her raised ass gave me full entry to the depth of her cunt. My cock jerked and strained to its full rigid length and thickness now. It was a great feeling to realize that this sexy girl, about half my age wanted me to fuck her giving a feeling I had never felt before. On the other hand, it was a mixture of lust, perversity, extreme eroticism and desire to give her pleasure she had never felt before.
My engorged cock felt stuffed into her cunt. Her pussy was so snug, so snugly-tight. ‘Oh god, ah!’ she breathed out hoarsely and raised her cunt up to meet my cock digging deeper into her pussy. She wrapped her arms and legs around me even tighter and asked me not to move. We remained in that state for about half-an-hour … relishing moments of entwining sex tools of ours!! Suddenly she gasped – ‘Oh, ahhh, give it to me, Love, all the way in —every inch. I want it. Fuck me hard and deep….’
I started to fuck her now with slow but steady strokes, never stopping. I now slid my cock back and then thrust it forward again, screwing deep into her cunt. She panted and gasped as I began fucking her fully, stuffing my cock deep in her pussy, fucking her with long full strong thrusts. She panted, MMMmmmm! it feels so fucking good!’ ‘Um, this is the way fucking should be, honey,’ I replied in short. ‘Yes, my daddy’s cock fucking a tight hot teenage cunt’ – I was amazed to hear this kink from her!!! This made my fucking more vigorous and I pumped her pussy full and deep, plowing, thrashing, ripping her cunt with long solid strokes. My fat full balls rubbed and mashed upon her ass as I screwed her.
She almost cried, ‘Ah, you’ve the biggest cock,’ and in return I could only say ‘Um, you’ve got the sweetest tightest juiciest pussy I’ve ever fucked’. She was now breathing hard and sweating … Her eyes rolled back and her lips fully opened, saliva drooling out and she gasped, squirted pees and hunched as I continued fucking her fully and deeply as she thrashed and humped in the throes of a climax clutching the bed sheet with her hands. I came soon after with voluptuous waves of orgasms! We rested for quite some time with my cock still buried into her pussy – slowly getting softer!!

4 months ago

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    • Yeah, I'm calling BS on this one... It's a good story, but not realistic. Homeless people are mostly junkies and drunks. And how did she keep her pussy trimmed if she was that desperate for a shower?

    • Wrong - homeless people are not necessarily junkies or drunk. I find most of them are nice and polite and are victim of circumstances. Trimming pussy hair is not a great deal ...! This girl (say her name is Liz) working at my home Friday through Sunday gets good time from me, and good fuck too. We both enjoy our company and I love to see her physical changes that I am doing to her.

    • Did you get her pregnant bro?

    • No. Don't want to. I met her parents living in an abandoned house and asked them that I am interested to engage their daughter in house-keeping jobon weekends at my place. The were happy and allowed her to do so. She is great with her slim body, narrow waist, shiny pair of globes called boobs. the best time I am spending with her ... making my lock down loneliness happy!

    • "Her pussy was right before my eyes, trimmed hair and puffy lips with light brown hairs surrounded her slit."

      What homeless person has a trimmed pussy?

    • Hahahaha

    • Fax and she’s 18 lol

    • I call cap

    • Pure Bull shit!

    • Totally

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