I just had to

I rubbed one out in my car watching my 21 year old niece load her car up😬. She has an amazing ass and was wearing grey tight sweats you could see threw them they were so tight. What a body🤤

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  • Dude I have been rubbing it out to my two nieces for 16 years! One is 28, the other is almost 18 (next week). I started sniffing the oldest ones panties when she was 12, then she stayed with us every summer, and we’d stay with them every Christmas, so I got plenty of pussy from that one, but she grew-up, went to college, and got married but I managed to snag one last pair of her panties when she stayed with us b4 her wedding at 22! By this time the younger one was turning 12, but she wasn’t far enough into puberty yet and her pussy still smelled like pee pee! About a year later I tried giving her panties a sniff... ALL WOMAN!!! Bingo, 5 years later, she’s about to turn 18 and I got a pair of her dirties last week. The younger one definitely has the sweeter smelling pussy though. I keep them in a ziplock bag, if cared for them right, they can smell strong for months, so the twice a year thing is perfect t always look at pics of her in a skimpy bikini and smell her cunt while I jack myself to oblivion! But it is such a turn on to sit and talk with her (with a giant hard-on) thinking “I know exactly what your pussy smells like, and I know exactly what your pussy tastes like”! That is very nice!

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