I think i found my dad on grindr

So i was on grindr and scrolling when i see a familiar face i tapped on it and i swear it looks like my dad and when i messaged him he doesn’t respond which worries me and ever since my dad has been acting weird. now what should i do i want to ask him but don’t know how to do it. also it’s hard cause if it is him i want to suck his cock

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • Pretty sure you’d know if it were him

  • Lol

  • Start giving your dad a bj when he's sleeping. When he is good and hard line up your pussy hole over it and slide down on it. Whether you dad wakes up or not at the beginning, he won't stop you if he is on grindr.

  • Grindr is a gay app so daddy don't want pussy he wants cock dumb ass. God you are pathetic.

  • You should definitely speak with him

  • Your other post is about your step dad and now it's about you dad! Your 39 and can't find a man you want to hook up so you fantasize about gay dad sex. Good grief stick with the panty wearing freaks.

  • Well firstly i’m not 39 i’m 19. 39 is just apart of the username but it isn’t the first time someone thought that and secondly i’m talking about the same person cause i seem my step dad as my dad

  • Bull shit you are 39 and just another panty wearing sick fuck who wants to be called a sissy faggot by daddy.

  • I’m not 39 i’m 19 it’s just a number

  • Bull shit sick fuck

  • I’m being honest 39 represent the month i was born march 9th

  • You are a bottom bitch meaning you like it up you ass dude and you 39. Go back to the panty posts. You are just gross.

  • Dude shut the fuck up why are you on here if you are just gonna be a dickhead, dont comment homophobic shit if your on a gay story

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