I love to look in ppl widows to watch them fuck or shower or finger .my next door a family of 4 females an they dad moved in I always peep on them watching them play with them self's using many things to fuck them with I cum watching them .an they dad walks around nude in front of them even with a hard cock which I seen the daughter suck ..has anyone seen stuff like this

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  • I had two beautiful lesbians that lived next door to me. They had floor-to-ceiling windows and never bothered putting up curtains. They walked around nude, and had sex with the lights on. I got calluses on my eyes from the binoculars ! The day they moved out, I cried, and threw my body in front of the moving van. Two old people moved in. I was bummed out until their daughter moved in with them. She was very religious, always trying to engage me in bible discussions. I peeped on her one night and saw her using a dildo with one hand, while tweaking her nipples with the other. Then, I was eager to discuss the Second Coming with her !

  • I have been spying on people through windows for years. I've seen neighbors friends family members nude in their bedrooms bahrooms doing all kinds of things. Shaving vaginas masturbating having sex and so much more

  • I caught a guy peeping into my daughters bedroom window one night. I beat the living shit out of him, ripped his clothes off, he had his pants down around his aknles anyway, then dragged him out into the street for everyone to see.

  • Then you started spying on your daughter

  • When I was alot younger my half sister used to sleep in my dads bed.She was his step daughter and in her late teens and it was usually when mum wasn't around.It took me much later to realise what was going on.

  • Incest is very common, so know surprise to me.

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