Chance meeting

As a teenager I was always struggling with my sexual orientation. I loved girls and tonguing their beautiful pussy's, but I also enjoyed sucking cock too.
Most of the guys I've sucked off will tell you, it's the best blow job they've ever had.
One of the men I met by pure chance in a park, was the first guy to fuck me. I just knew as I was sucking on his gorgeous cock, I wanted him to take my anal cherry.
I was seventeen, horny as fuck and he'd told me his wife and daughter were away for a couple of days, taking in some west end shows. Rather than suck him to completion, I went back to his house where we spent a whole night having gay sex.
That first feeling of his eight inch cock sliding up my arse will stay with me forever. Yes it hurt, initially, but the pain soon went, replaced by what I can only describe as pure and utter pleasure.
Throughout that night he fucked me three times, cumming inside me each time. And making me cum twice.
We didn't make any further arrangements to meet, but before I left his home and as we were having anal sex for the third time, I did see some pictures of his wife and daughter.
His daughter was my age, and the day before I'd spent part of the morning with her having oral sex, at my aunt's place.
I was minding my aunts home as she was away with her husband in Spain, a husband whose cock I knew intimately, believe me.
Mel, and I had been having oral sex for a while. She understood I didn't have the biggest of cocks, four inches erect. But she also knew I glorified in tonguing a sweet pussy and arse. And trust me, Mel adores having her pussy tongued, I'd say, possibly more than being fucked.
Seeing her in the picture with her mother by her side was weird, especially as her father was at the time fucking me from behind.
He obviously didn't know the same mouth that had sucked on his cock earlier, was the same one the day before, that had had his daughter pulling my face into her sex as she climaxed over and over again.
As he came up my arsehole that third time, Mels father mentioned that he'd love to fuck again. Unfortunately through whatever reason we didn't. And I genuinely mean unfortunately, because I so wanted to feel him fucking me again.
However over the next few months Mel and I did have sex, with me obviously knowing who her father was. And that he like me, was bisexual.
Now roll on six years. I'm at a friends house, someone who loves gay threesomes. He's got a massive cock, but frankly doesn't know how to fuck a guy properly. Indeed he cums way too quickly.
He tells me he's asked a guy he knows to join us. I'm lay on his couch naked, having just had him fuck me, when he answers the door.
Seconds later I'm looking up at the man who took my virginity six years before.
Mels dad smiles down at me, drops his shorts and immediately feeds me his cock to suck on.
As my friend watched, Mels father and I reacquainted ourselves sexually. He fucked me so wonderfully, I at one stage had the most powerful orgasm I've ever had, with his cock buried deep inside my arse.
After that we began to meet up for sex. In his or my car, at my apartment. Outdoors a lot when the weather was fine. And occasionally at his home where years before he'd fucked me the first time.
The picture has changed in the frame. It now shows Mel and her mum, who suddenly sadly passed away only months after the trip to London , inside a west end theatre, on the night I lost my virginity.
Mels dad asked me recently if I'd like to move in with him, saying his daughter is moving out to live with her fiance. He also told me Mel knows about me and him.
But then I already knew, because the night before she and I had one last oral session before she plans on settling down with her husband to be.


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  • That's a nice sexy story. I had a similar situation with my high school teacher he was 58 years old and married. We used to have sex in his car all the time.
    Until one day he tells me he wants to go back to his house. His wife was going home to take care of family business or something like that. So we fucked all night long and that next morning I woke with his cock in my ass.

  • Woke up with his cock in your ass, really?
    Did that actually happen?

    Did you both fall asleep with the cock in your stayed hard the whole time did it? He didn't move while he slept, he somehow managed to keep it in?

    Or he put it in your ass while you slept and you did not wake up with with putting it in?

    So he was your schoolteacher so you were still in school. Your parents didn't question where you were all night. Or if you said you were staying with a friend they didn't check with the other parents?


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